Plumelec: Church of Saint Maurice!

So here I am on my road warrior days in the Morbihan. My dept 56 doing all kinds of trips all over wearing mask of course but all out. The views on the roads are wonderful and all is very close to home. So let me bring out these beauties in more details and with new pictures. Hope you enjoy my routing on these wonderful monuments of my Bretagne!

I like to tell you more on the Church of Saint Maurice in Prumelec.

plumelec ch St Maurice front aug20

Plumelec has as neighboring towns are Billio, Saint Jean Brevelay; Cruguel, Lizioi, Sérent, Plaudren, and Trédion. And only 23 km from Vannes.

The town of Plumelec once had two important lordships which played an active role in the history of the Duchy of Brittany: the Callac and the Cadoudal. In 1336, Olivier de Cadoudal created the priory of the Trinitarians. Plumelec and Saint-Aubin were united parishes and depended on the deanery of Porhoët. Saint-Aubin was set up as a branch in 1872. Plumelec took over the Kerangat district to the detriment of Saint-Jean-Brévelay. This saint, who appears to be the same as Saint Mellitus, bishop of London, then archbishop of Canterbury, died in 624. The erection of Plumelec as a parish would therefore be subsequent to this date, unless we suppose the existence from a previous saint. It is very possible, in fact, that the cult of Saint Melech was brought here only by the Bretons who returned from England in 937.

Many cycling races pass or arrive in Plumelec via the Cadoudal hill, which has an average gradient of 6.2% and a drop that goes from 43 to 154 meters over 1.8 km. This is why the most prestigious races retain Plumelec as a place of passage or arrival such as the Tour de France, and the French road cycling championships… Tour de France: 1982 – 9th stage (CLM by team of 69 km ) on July 12, Lorient-Plumelec, victory for the Ti-Raleigh team (Netherlands). 1985 – Prologue (6.8 km CLM) on June 28, Plumelec-Plumelec, victory for Bernard Hinault (France). 1997 – 3rd stage on July 8, Vire-Plumelec, victory for Erik Zabel (Germany). 2008 – 1st stage on July 5th, Brest-Plumelec, victory for Alejandro Valverde (Spain). 2015 – 7th stage (CLM by team of 28 km) July 12, Vannes-Plumelec, victory of the BMC team (United States).

The Church of Saint-Maurice located at a place called Saint-Aubin, on the D174, 5 km from the village. dated 1513 ,. This church is interesting for the sand pits decorated with its rectangular choir, and for its size, which is larger than the rest of the church. This church contains a stained glass window depicting The Trinity, dating from the 16C.

plumelec ch St Maurice altar aug20

Built in 1513, the Church of Saint-Maurice replaces the old Saint-Aubin chapel created in 1387 and founded by the lords of Callac. It became a parish in 1872. Since 1985, it no longer has a priest. The rector of Plumelec officiates there. The building includes a nave without aisles, a transept with overhanging braces and a choir with a flat apse higher than the rest of the building. The nave dates from the 15C. The nave has no aisle and the transept is characterized by overhanging braces. The choir is higher than the rest of the building and the apse is flat. The chapel of the baptismal font has replaced the old ossuary dating from 1690. The bell tower is a square tower from the 17C. The framework, worked like lace, is remarkable and rare. The beams and sand pits represent country scenes and the Passion. They end with the shouting gargoyles or a dragon who vomits a dragon who vomits a dragon. Or would it be the other way around: a dragon swallows a dragon who swallows a dragon? An allegory of the political and economic power which destroys the people. Outside, under the south porch, one finds, on the ground, a stele and, embedded in the wall, a font.


plumelec ch St Maurice pulpit aug20

The town of Plumelec on heritage click on the town name to see a pdf historical of the town heritage in French: City of Plumelec on its heritage

The tourist office of the Central Morbihan on Plumelec   heritage:  tourist office of Central Morbihan on Plumelec heritage

And there you go folks, another roundabout of beauties in my neck of the woods. Always something to see in my lovely Bretagne, just need more time!!! Stay tune there is more, oh yes my Morbihan! Hope you enjoy the post and the series.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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