Sights of Morlaix!!

And having been around Morlaix for a while, let me tell you where we ate and other miscellaneous sights of this picturesque town of the dept 29 Finistére in my lovely Bretagne!

Let me give some nice spots in the city of Morlaix, and wonderful to walk by it as we love to do once in town.

The Battle of Morlaix is a battle of the Sixth War of Italy which took place on July 22, 1522 in Morlaix. Count Guy XVI of Laval falls on the last he finds arrested in a wood near the sea, cuts them in pieces and takes back the booty they had seized He makes such carnage, that a nearby fountain, reddened that day with the blood of enemies, received and keeps the name of Feunteun ar Saozon, fountain of the Saxons or the English ; better known locally as the fontaine des Anglais or English. The fountain is located in Cours Beaumont, at the entrance to a small garden, opposite the tabac factory.

Morlaix fontaine des anglais quai treguier facing tabac may15

The city or town hall of Morlaix as for architecture. The name in Breton of Morlaix is Montroulez . It is more likely that Morlaix takes its name from the Latin appellation of the Roman settlement Mons Relaxus. The city of Morlaix webpage: City of Morlaix

Morlaix fontaine des anglais quai treguier facing tabac may15

The bandstand or kiosque à musique was donated to the city of Morlaix by Auguste Roparts president of municipal music in 1903. The bandstand is located at Place des Otages … near the viaduct.


The Morlaix museum can be visited on two sites, Les Jacobins and the Maison à Pondalez.. The first, Les Jacobins, in place of an old 13C convent, is the original site of the municipal museum c1887. It now houses works from the museum’s collection and temporary exhibitions. The Maison à Pondalez, dating from the 16C, impresses the visitor with its monumental granite fireplace, its spiral staircase, which serves the rooms on the street side, as well as its wooden passages or pondalez which give access to the rooms on the courtyard side. This part of the museum presents the history of the city of Morlaix on four levels. There is a renovation and rehabilitation project for the Jacobins convent and its church, which should last until autumn 2023. See opening hours. City of Morlaix museum: City of Morlaix museum


Morlaix fontaine des anglais quai treguier facing tabac may15

And last but not least, the wonderful historicall house of Anne de Bretagne. There are several in Bretagne on places she visited some true some not, this one is true. It is at 33 rue du Mur.

Morlaix fontaine des anglais quai treguier facing tabac may15

The House known as the Duchess Anne, is a jewel of the Morlaix heritage located in the old market hall, was built around 1530. It is the most beautiful preserved example of a lantern house, a type of architecture characteristic of Morlaix of the Renaissance. The term lantern refers to the covered courtyard in the center of the building, originally lit by a pendant light. This courtyard is particularly remarkable here for its height of 16 meters, its “pondalez” gallery staircase all in oak, richly carved, 11 meters high and its monumental fireplace dating from 1520-1530. The term “pondalez” in Morlaix designates the galleries leading from the spiral staircase to the rear rooms. This house, unique in its quality, is private, but it has been open to visitors continuously since 1983. It houses a monumental fireplace and a spiral staircase, in richly carved oak, which guarantees passage between the rooms at the front and those at the back, over three floors.  The tourist office of the Bay of Morlaix on the Maison dit Anne de Bretagne in French: Tourist office of Bay of Morlaix on the house of Anne de Bretagne

This is the official site on the Maison dit Anne de Bretagne in French: Maison dit Anne de Bretagne at Morlaix

And finally , we ate wonderfully at a great ambiance cafe overlooking a wonderful square with views of the viaduc! This was the Grand Café de la Terrasse. All dress up with its taste of yesteryear, is a must to be here. A brewery since 1885, the establishment, located on the Place des Otages, has indeed evolved while retaining its charm of yesteryear. As soon as you enter, you are struck by the chic of the room, the splendor of the period ceiling and the presence of the grand staircase. The welcome is friendly, the cuisine is done with taste and without fanfare. You can also enjoy the terrace and the warm decor for a simple coffee during the day. Their Facebook page here: Facebook page of the Grand Café de la Terrasse

Morlaix fontaine des anglais quai treguier facing tabac may15

The tourist office of the Bay of Morlaix on the Grand Café de la Terrasse: Tourist office Bay of Morlaix on the Grand Café de la Terrasse


And there you go folks a nice walk about the nice picturesque town of Morlaix in upper Bretagne and the beautiful dept 29 of Finistére up the alley from me and always a nice trip. Hope you enjoy the post and see the endless possibilities of sights in Morlaix.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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