Morlaix and its theater!

Ok so this one will tell you for the architecture and history of it. Some of my true love hobbies because not yet been inside. This is the Thêatre Municipal de Morlaix,in the Finistére dept 29 of my beloved region of Bretagne.

We go up and side ways all over here, vast region and so much to see, we are trying harder… Even if now with one big member missing going out is harder. Let me tell you a bit more of the theater of Morlaix.

The story goes that at the end of the 19C, two events in local life were to help the city build a new theater; the first is the arrival in Morlaix of the railway, connecting this city to Paris, after the construction of the railway bridge; the second is the death in 1875 of Count Paul-Ange de Guernisac, friend of the arts and notable very attached to his city. By will, he left Morlaix a sum of money for the construction of a performance hall. At the end of 1886, the municipal council voted to build the theater. The inauguration took place on April 14, 1888, and the first curtain raiser was for the Comédie Française.

The facade of the Morlaix theater is simple and austere and comprises a ground floor and an upper floor. The middle bay, marked by a balcony, is crowned with a triangular pediment containing the inscription theater and a bas-relief representing an allegorical figure of music, Harmony. The Italian room, elliptical in shape, can accommodate 600 persons. The dome ceiling, painted in tempera by the Maison Diosse, rises 12 meters above the parterre. Against a background of blue sky and landscapes, between twin columns, succeed white and golden banners and medallions representing four or five loves. The town of Morlaix has affirmed its specificity with the ornamentation of the proscenium boxes; one of the coats of arms represents black ermines on a white background, symbol of Breton independence, and the other represents a boat, symbol of the port activities which made Morlaix prosperous.


You can get more information on the Thêatre Municipal de Morlaix from its official page in French here: Theater of the Morlaix countryside on theater of Morlaix

The city of Morlaix on the theater in French: The city of Morlaix on the theater

The tourist office of the bay of Morlaix on the theater in French: Tourist office bay of Morlaix on the theater

And there you go folks, should be a nice stop; its on my list to do. Hope you enjoy the post on the Thêatre municipal de Morlaix!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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