Pizzeria at Hennebont!

Now let me take a break and bring a nice place we enjoy over the years since first tasting it in 2012! I have several entries on Hennebont, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne. However, only mentioned it once and not enough coverage what is already a memorable spot for my family.

I feel it needs to have more in my blog which is a collection of my life’s travels and good cheers as well as a force to overcome the lows of our lives. This stays a nice up in our lives so therefore will give you and me a bit more. Hope you enjoy and stop by , recommended.

We had several lunches here and happy birthday to my Dad.  We always eat here while visiting Hennebont. I chose the Pizzeria del Castello or The pizzeria of the castle in Italian, at 5 rue Maréchal Joffre. Very nice friendly folks, who took our pictures, and were prompt and food well done. The resto is very near the Tours Broêrec’h and on the other side the Church Notre Dame du Paradis  . We had had several combinations here including non pizza items such as faux filet grill in sauce poivre, Tartiflettes, and burger à cheval. The pizzas I like is the  primavera with chorizos. Plenty of apértififs from porto to jack daniels, kir, and beers. The desserts are of good size and well done especially our family favorite the banana splits , and the poire belle helene. We eat with wines and on this place you can get good Italian wines such as the  Villa Burghese, Paqua, Bardolino red , very good.  The meals are around the 22-24 euros each time per person very good deal.



In this pizzeria, you will have the choice between 20 à la carte pizzas, such as the essential Reine (tomato sauce, mushrooms, shoulder beef, cheese) or Campagnarde (chamipgnons, bacon, fresh cream, cheese), salads such as Niçoise, Venetian or Gourmet, meats (Norman cutlet, grilled entrecote, etc.), pasta (tagliatelle carbonara, etc), omelettes or even homemade desserts such as tarte tatin. Pizzas and dishes are also to take away. Pleasant surroundings, and a family caring makes it tops in Hennebont.



They are open again, and have a Facebook page here: Facebook page of Pizzeria del Castello Hennebont

The tourist office of Lorient South Brittany is here on the Pizzeria del Castellotourist office of south Brittany on pizzeria del castello

There you go now looking over my photos of my many found these and not on my previous posts so now feel better and a credit is given to a nice place , Pizzeria del Castello in Hennebont, Morbihan, Bretagne! Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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