Quimperlé: Le Pont Fleuri!

Again, coming back to Quimperlé in pretty Finistére of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. Another ride into finding architecture and history once again. Also, having to eat of course. And even with the multitudes of choices French and otherwise we have here, we are always loyal to those we like over the years and come back again and again.

This is no different with the Créperie du Pont Fleuri in Quimperlé. We have come here for five years now, on and off but always repeat while in town. And this time it was no difference, the Pont Fleuri restaurant was again. It is a mom and pop place we love so much in my France, and we were served this time by the lovely daughter.

Quimperle créperie du pont fleuri jul20

As I have written before as well so will be very brief. And it was here that we had lunch , on the rue d’ellé by the river, and pont Fleurie (see post) at the Créperie du Pont Fleurie, 5 rue Ellé.

Quimperle créperie du pont fleuri jul20

I will be back ,must you visit, the service was prompt and very friendly ,we spoked with servers and owner all nice. This time I had my galette of sausages chipolatas, cheese and tomato, simply home made just order and wait to be cook. It was wash down by the house red 50cl and rosé 25cl pitchers as we have choices with my boys. I had a crêpe with scoops of strawberry and chocolate ice cream , nice. And I finished with my expresso coffee. All for less than 19€! great!!




And they now have their own webpage! In French of course. Créperie du Pont Fleuri Quimperlé

Just another nice day trip to a nice city of the Finistére breton, Quimperlé. Hope you enjoy the ride and do stop by its worth it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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