Quimperlé: Les Halles!!!

And I take you further to me in neighboring dept 29 Finistére and the town of Quimperlé. Again to show you the nice covered market here or Les Halles. One of the highlights of any visit to France me think. And indeed we love it.

We were there for a side walk and not thinking about the covered market but needing to walk by it we must have newer photos even if close. The covered market or Les Halles of Quimperlé is very nice indeed.


First, the story goes and we have plenty of stories here.

Between the 13C and the 19C, four halles were successively built in Quimperlé, three in the basse ville or lower town and one in the haute ville or upper town. A first crowd placed in the middle of the main artery of the lower town had existed at least since 1238 and appeared in 1306 in the ducal expenditure accounts. Restored in 1473 and then in 1585, the elongated building constructed of frame and cob housed an open passage for use as a halle(market) on the ground floor, and, served by a wooden staircase, a court or auditorium upstairs . Obstructing traffic, its demolition took place in 1682.


A new building was built in 1683 on neighboring land. It occupies a narrow and long plot of about forty meters where only the ground floor served as a halle , in function until the French revolution, while the upper floor was reserved for the court or audiences and the seat of the municipality. In the 19C, the presence of two urban centers and the increase in economic activities required the establishment of new halles. That of the upper town was built in 1851 on a large space intended for fairs and markets; large, it is built with traditional materials. More modest in size, the covered market hall, integrated into a dense old fabric, was built in 1886 ; this covered market uses the technical innovations of the time, notably the wrought iron framework. Today, only the halle located in Place Hervo, rebuilt identically in 2002, remains among the various commercial buildings that existed in Quimperlé. And this is Les Halles you see today.


They are open Friday mornings in Pl St Michel and Sunday mornings in Pl Hervo. Sunday they are open from 8h to 13h all year at Pl Hervo and Fridays 8h to 13h all year at Pl St Michel.


Hope you enjoy the story and do come to shop, we did and always looking forward to it. In addition, around the covered market there are nice quant stores groceries, gifts and resto/bars to make it a lively district. Inside we had and love it the Halles de fromages with about 70 varieties of cheeses so they say we can’t count so delicious all of them!

More info on the walks in Quimperlé from the tourist office in English: Tourist office of Quimperlé on walks in the city and sights

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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