Quimperlé and my road warrior trips!

So this is the last of the saga on Quimperlé my latest hunt and very much under an hour from my house. Of course, several posts in my blog, but as often the case, there is so much to see in my belle France! And for a local , a lot more than for the tourist eyes.

I did some newer posts on Quimperlé but the main reason I came this time was that my car salesmen has moved from Vannes (Morbihan 56) to Quimperlé (Finistére 29) still with same manufacturer Ford. And as I am a Ford lifetime member lol!! didn’t I told you so? Buying Ford since my first one an LTD 1975 to NYC to visit the Yankees (baseball)! And coming over to France of course, I continue the history with Ford.

Had practically all the models over the years and now down to the one of the smallest the Fiesta. Nice car done in Germany and Spain here, and well made. As I follow good salespersons I contacted him to do my oil change, filters etc or révision here at 30K kms well only had 27,2K but always prevention is better than protection. Off I went to Quimperlé Laita Ford!

Great service again welcome by my old salesmen SS and then great welcome by the shop E who took an hour to do the work and off we went home. However, as we had some time and were outside city limits almost in a commercial zone to kill time we went over to the across the street bar restaurant for a cold beer!

The Ford dealership is here: Ford Laita garage in Quimperlé

And they do a good job proof is in the pudding by the garage rating site here: Garage score on Ford Laita Quimperle


And we cross the street after seeing it from a distance the T-Bone bar restaurant. Well it does have a nice name to it!!! T-Bone lol! As we got there by almost 15h we went in for a cold Grimbergen Belgian blonde beer. We were quickly told to sit inside and were the only ones there, of course at that time is past lunch time.




This is what they say translated:  The restaurant Le T-Bone, at the eastern entrance to Quimperlé,on the D765 road towards Lorient. As a connoisseur and with passion, the chef will have the pleasure of concocting dishes with regional flavors. The restaurant offers different specialties: Stuffed snails, casserole from the sea, Saint-Jacques skewers, T-Bone, piece of beef, rib steak, tab, rump steak, frog legs …Seafood platter to order.

More info on the T Bone restaurant from the tourist office of Quimperlé in French: TOurist office of Quimperle on the T Bone restaurant

The service was fast and friendly and we could use the wifi to get our latest on our phones lol!!! After the nice cold beer we came back to the Ford dealer and the car was already done. And we came home in 50 minutes on the D765/N165 roads.

This is what a typical errands day is here, we do these necessary things but in a nice town like Quimperlé you have beauty all around, just tap search of Quimperlé.

Hope you enjoy this most unusual post from me but the site is to write my life routine in my belle France too. Be safe be good and enjoy life, it can be beautiful but short.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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