Concarneau, a mariners’ world!

Well , my road warrior trips in my belle France has taken me to see many things, not always of a purely tourist orientation. Near me in Concarneau, dept 29 of Finistére in my lovely Bretagne there is something else.

I have found couple photos of them and need to include in my blog as it reflect the history of my travels and my life. This is a seafarer’ town lean on the ocean as most if not all of Brittany, the best seafarers of France. Our coasts are sublime!! And we have a couple places here would like tell you about them.

The Centre Européen de Formation Continue or the European Maritime Continuing Education Center is located at rue des pins in Concarneau. It trained about 4,200 marins per year, the largest French professional training organization totally dedicated to lifelong training for maritime company personnel.

Its missions: organize, coordinate and professionalism skills; development actions aimed at the population of seafarers and actors in the maritime world. The CEFCM are 3 training establishments in Brittany. 3 distinct activities: navigation, technical training and maintenance, safety and security training; qualifying training actions, tailor-made and on-demand training in all major ports and major maritime regions, on board ships or in companies; national and international partnerships.

Of course , it is not visited but having a go around is worth it just for the location by the harbor and great walks as well as to see this wonderful institution.

More from its official CEFCM webpage in French here: The CEFCM of Concarneau

And from the city of  Concarneau, the CEFCM and others marine institutions in French here: City of Concarneau on Marine studies training


The marine biology station of Concarneau, by place de la Croix is a marine biology station whose management is shared between the National Museum of Natural History and the College of France. It includes both a research and teaching center in marine biology and oceanology as well as a space open to the public showing living specimens in aquariums: the “Marinarium”. The station was founded in 1859 by Victor Coste, professor at the Collège de France, and is the oldest marine station in the world still in operation.

The Concarneau Biological Station is developing two main areas of research. On the one hand, experimental biology, biochemistry and molecular biology of marine organisms and, on the other hand, the environment, marine biotechnologies and ecotoxicology. The resort also offers a reception area for practical internships (marine biology and biochemistry), field internships (study and discovery of the marine environment) and a general public area (the Marinarium) with aquariums and a large pool of 120 000 liters.

This Marinarium acts like a museum and is ok to visit and worth the detour a lot more than an aquarium indeed. This year the theme is Océan, une plongée insolite that take us to the depths of the ocean.

Activities are regularly offered to you: In the educational area, for young and old, a themed activity is offered during school holidays, every day, Monday to Friday. In the visit route, around the tactile pool and in the presence of a facilitator during the months of July and August. In front of the large pool, feeding the animals on Monday and Thursday at 16h. On the coast, at low tide and during high tides, discover the incredible biodiversity and good gestures of the fisherman on foot. Indeed more than and better than an aquarium.

More from the official Station Marine de Concarneau in French here: Station Marine de Concarneau

The National monument museums of France on the marine station of Concarneau in English: MNHN on the marine station of Concarneau

The tourist office of Concarneau on the marine station in English: Tourist office of Concarneau on the marine station


And there you go folks, an educational and instructive tour of marine life just near me in wonderful Concarneau the fortified town of Finistére all worth the detour; hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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