The market of Quiberon, part II

Ok so let’s talk about on another of our pastimes in the area and elsewhere. The markets are it for the very best of my belle France. As the culinary par excellence country of the world, France ,also has several layers of quality. All is mentioned like the AOC wines folks with colors and labels and regions. The supermarkets can cheat bringing products from all over the world, but in the marchés or markets you get local and at most regional products, the very best in my opinion.


We go to all of them while traveling, even when I go on business I walk the beat just to get the feeling or a delicious fruit to bring back to the hotel , always fascinating. If you want to get the feeling of the place and speak French ,you will know it all , the merchants here are experts on the local scenery! This is no different in our fav Quiberon! in the Morbihan dept 56 of our lovely Bretagne and my belle France!


I mentioned before we live just up north from the coast and beaches of the Morbihan ,a very nice area where we can be there in 35 minutes in normal period and up to an hour in Summer vacation times. Let me tell you a bit more part II as they are others on the market of Quiberon.


Every day in the morning, fishermen from Quiberon offer their fish and seafood products on Place du Varquez, near the Grande Plage main entrance off Place Hoche, Quiberon. You can’t get any fresher than this! As for the market, it takes place every Saturday morning in this same square and offers seasonal products, regional and artisanal specialties. Hours Saturdays from 8h to 13h right on the parking of Place du Varquez.


There were the traditional local flagship tourist items and slate wooden boats ;painted sea sweaters … of all sizes! raincoats for the 3 or 4 days of annual rain..! a sea air from the windows of the crepe makers! substantial part of the Houat Lobster ,spider crabs and Quiberon sardines .There were also vendors of andouille sausages. fruits and vegetables in abundance , the local corner vegetables and apples and salted butter and some sweets, fars (sort of puddings), galettes or kouign amann. Of course, we always do some shopping!!!


There are a couple other nice markets but we prefer the one at Place du Varquez, around Place Hoche, and the Grande Plage. As above.

For info these are the other two in Quiberon. Port Haliguen on Wednesdays from 8h to 13h and only from June 17 to September 16. And Boulevard Chanard , facing the sea by the Grande Plage every evening from 20h and only from July 4 to August 30.

The general webpage for things to see in Quiberon from the Morbihan dept 56 tourist office in English are: Morbihan tourist office on things to see in Quiberon

The ones to see in Quiberon from the Bay of Quiberon local tourist office in English: Bay of Quiberon on things to see in Quiberon

And there you go folks , another wonderful beach day of shopping in the wonderful marché de Quiberon, Saturday morning with glorious sunshine. Enjoy the shopping at Quiberon!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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