Grande Plage, Part II, Quiberon!

Well the season is almost here and time to finally get out of the house. I have come back to my watering hole of many years now, the Grande Plage or big beach of Quiberon in the tip of the Quiberon peninsula about 35 minutes from home normal traffic as in the middle of the Summer season it can get to one hour.


Of course , I have written several posts on it but all briefly mentioned in overall posts; this time I giving it the credit it deserves with a single post; the Grande Plage is it! Love it!!!Without trees it can match any similar beach in the world, and I know about beaches!


The Grande Plage ,900 meters of fine white sand! This beach, in the heart of the resort town of Quiberon, is accessible to all and has a parking for bicycles, a carpet and an armchair hipocampe for people with reduced mobility. In summer it offers a kids’ club and aeach bar. For your safety this beach is supervised in the summer and has a first aid station; showers and toilets. We do enjoy the Grande plage or big beach, the center of it all here. It has kiddies areas, and grownups. Large beach with white sandy sands and wide enough to play games. This is our favorite as it comes with easy parking, great eating/drinking places and very nice people watch site!

quiberon grande plage to sea jun20

You, also, have a Fisher’s Club here! A wonderful concept of bistro on the beach which at the Grande Plage sits right on the beach! I mean right on the sand! litterally you can tan go to for a dip and come back for a nice glass of Champagne and oysters!!! la classe!!! And of course, it is our favorite when by the beach. They are just getting started again after the virus closing but looking forward to another great beach bum season lol!

The Fisher club ,see QuiberonLe Fisher club see Quiberon


Another of our all time favorite right on the entrance to the Grande Plage, I mean just dipping your feet in sand and come for delicious ice cream, chichis (churros) and Italian ices you name it several flavors to choose from and different sizes too.  This is the Quai des Glaces or ice cream quay. My boys love them and now with milkshakes! like bubble gum and Schrumpt flavors!! of course I had my usual coconut and chocolate……

The Facebook page of the Quai des Glaces Quiberon: Facebook page of the Quai des Glaces Quiberon


Overall a great time all day with the boys and is beginning to be filled, very popular not only with locals but Europeans especially Germans, British, Irish, Italians, Spanish, Dutch etc. I met a German couple who have been coming here for the last 20 years!!!

However, as usual, some webpages I think will be useful to have in one spot to plan your visit here and it is highly recommended.

My favorite plages tv site on the Grande Plage of Quiberon in English: Plages tv on the Grande Plage de Quiberon

The viewsurf webcam on the Grande Plage of Quiberon in French: Viewsurf on the Grande Plage of Quiberon

As I have written in plenty of posts on the Grande Plage I will stop here and post the newer photos from this week. Hope you enjoy it and do come, a perfect place for a meetup!

and remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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