Monument to the Bersagliere at Porta Pia!

Ok so back to vibrant Italia or Italy we go. As my posts goes there is always something missing that deserves mention in a post of its own this one a case in point. As gone to Italy many times on business trips, this one was a family affairs that is memorable always.

Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Monument to the Bersagliere at Porta Pia in Rome! One of the great souvenirs when walking is done in a city.

The Porta Pia is a gate of Rome built between 1561-1565 in the Aurelian wall on order of Pope Pie IV of which it takes the name. Located between Porta Nomentana (now condemned) and Porta Salaria,it is an extension of Strada Pia following the layout of the ancient Alta Semita and gives access to via XX Settembre street. Completed in the 19C, it was the place of entry into Rome of the Risorgimento troops during the capture of Rome. The Porta Pia hosts within its walls the Historical Museum of the Bersaglieri (see post) as well as the tomb of Gino Lucetti an Italian hero of WWI.

What stroke me there is a huge statue or monument in the middle of the square  as we were walking back to our apartment.

The monument to the Bersagliere stands in the square in front of Porta Pia, not far from the historic breach opened in the Aurelian walls on 20 September 1870. The initiative to create a work to celebrate the Bersaglieri corps had been carried out by the National Bersaglieri Association since the 1920s, but it only materializes after the changed political situation in relations between the State and the Church with the signing of the Lateran Pacts. The competition for the construction of the monument was launched in 1930 and the results were carefully examined by Mussolini himself, demonstrating the willingness on the part of the political power to make precise choices in the field of monumental figurative language, identifying methods of representation deemed most appropriate. The work presented with its still 19C layout, constituted a realization that was easy to impact on the public and authentically interpreted the popular character of the Bersaglieri.  



The monument to the Bersagliere consists of an imposing bronze sculpture, 4 meters high, which depicts the Bersagliere snapping on the assault placed on a travertine base. On the larger sides of the same base there are bas-reliefs in Trani stone depicting characters and battles fought by the Bersaglieri: Ponte di Goito, Luciano Manara, Porta Pia (left); Sciara Sciat, Enrico Toti,and Riva di Villasanta.

The official webpage of the Bersagliere of  Rome: Bersagliere of Rome

The tourist office of Rome on museum and statue: Tourist office of Rome on the Bersagliere

And there you go now I feel better about our trip to Rome. The walking is awesome , the sights amazing, and the food mamma mia!!! We will be back. Hope you enjoy the tour of the Bersagliere and do see my other post on the museum.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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