Place Hoche, Quiberon!

Well this is a beach town and have plenty written on it in my blog. However, seldom we seek a street, square to reconcile with the sunshine and just enjoy our days. Well, this is for us stop no 1 at Quiberon before the beach, of course.

We parked always nearby coming early at Parking Varquez, just before the closing of the Saturday market. And once settle down we walk the beat, all over the city center and the sea boulevard ,however, we end up at the Place Hoche, more like an esplanade really but officially a square Hoche. You have plenty to choose from all around as well as a wonderful promenade boulevard facing the beach and plenty of goodies.

The air of the big beach or Grande Plage (see posts) is cooling you off while you stroll this square full of shops and especially places to eat and drink. We have tried them all! However, our favorite and a great friend by now is the L’Esplanade Café right on Place Hoche just behind it is Rue de Verdun.


Here, you have Remy the owner, always pleasant helpful talkative and the drinks and snacks just great for a wonderful afternoon. Later on in the evening they stay open until 2-3 AM and the crowds gets more lively. We go with the family so we stay to go in the afternoons more quiet and more time to talk.

You can drink the famous Belzubeth 8,5% beers (we love it) as well as the St Omer premium drafts and La Goudale ! (second choice). Always with a very friendly and nice ambiance.


There is a nice little train or petit train that stops at the Place Hoche, and if it is your first time here ,it is worth taken to see it all. And not forget the grand statue to General Hoche, native of Versailles and pacififer of the wars of the west or chouans against the French revolution until 1815!



Finally, from the square or Place Hoche, you can see clearly straight ahead the wonderful Grande Plage , always calling you for the water!


One for the road from the Bay of Quiberon tourist office (mine too) on must see in Quiberon in English: Bay of Quiberon on Quiberon must see

In all Quiberon is nice , family friendly and just clean and beautiful as a peninsula should be, the Presqu’ïle de Quiberon has its ending here at Quiberon. Enjoy it as we do!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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