Piriac sur Mer,the Loire Atlantique!

Moving along my road warrior trip in the deep country away from the hordes of public transport, this is pristine country full air and nothing but beautiful natural country roads! I like to take you to Piriac-sur-Mer in the Loire Atlantique dept 44 of the new region of Pays de la Loire...

This is just neighboring Morbihan dept 56 and old Bretagne! The town of Piriac-sur-Mer is only 11 km from Guérande and 25 km from Saint-Nazaire. The closest major cities.

Piriac-sur-Mer  has a deep-water port, reserved for pleasure boats and some fishing boats that remain in the harbor. The town was a major producer of wine from the 10C, but this activity ceased with the phylloxera epidemic of the 1880’s. In the surrounding countryside you still find the remains of this agriculture, the vines growing among the brambles. Piriac-sur-Mer has long been a strategic place, because it is located near the mouth of the Vilaine river and also has an island Ïle Dumet , a fort still occupies it   today. It is classified a small town of character of France. Piriac-sur-Mer has welcome in particular Emile Zola who lived near the Church, Alphonse Daudet who resided on the port and other curious in search of cultural exoticism. Also, Gustave Flaubert n and Jean-Paul Belmondo who came here on vacation during his youth. Today, Piriac-sur-Mer lives mainly from tourism and sea leisure activities

Piriac sur mer

The city center is Breton style with old houses of the 17C, gable and roof and steep slope. They form a compact whole, predominantly of gray granite. The old port hotel was built in 1626, and later embellished with a tufa turret. In the middle of this historic center is a massive church. When we got there we got into the local market day and it was wonderful as usual, some goodies were brought home!!!

Piriac sur mer

Piriac sur mer

The Church Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens built in 1766, raised on the site of an old chapel or church. The first dates from 570, the second from the 11C and the third from 1350 with its crypt still exists today. The contemporary church dates from 1766, it was built with the stones of the old Chapel Saint-Jean of the château de Kerjean with the cross of the old cemetery was embedded in one of its walls. This church has a single nave and cruciform. Its porch is square and has an imperial dome. The altarpiece dates from the 17C. Christ on the Cross, in painted wood, dates from the 16C. The carved granite font dates from the 17C. The altarpiece is from the 18C. The marble baptistery dates from the 19C The old church had a very high bell tower that served as bitter seafarers. We have the name of two chapels of this church, the Chapel Saint Jean serving as enfeu to the lords and the Chapel of the Rosary.

Piriac sur mer

Piriac sur mer

This is basically a very touristic chic town with beautiful beaches older world charm and very concentrated city center near the beach front. It is nice for a short visit or passing by as we did.  So enjoy coastal beach town of Piriac-sur-Mer or something like  Piriac by the sea. Just to mention this town has the label in France of Small town of character for its good keep of its architecture and old ambiance. We did not spent much time on the beaches not summer really but very nice they are specially St Michel the main one.

Piriac sur mer

Piriac sur mer

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Tourist office of the are la baule guerande on Piriac sur Mer heritage

The pleasure ports on the Atlantique ocean about Piriac sur Mer

My favorite Plages TV beach webpage on St Michel beach at Piriac sur Mer

And there you go another dandy indeed as said good for the beach or a one day passing trip and lunch by the sea sublime. Enjoy it at Piriac sur Mer.

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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  1. We have visited this department, but not this particular town. It certainly looks very pretty. On the list it goes! 👍

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  2. Not sure I’ll live long enough! 😩

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