Piriac sur Mer and St Sébastien!

Ok this one briefly, needed to put into a new post as even thus the bourg or village is part of the town of Piriac sur Mer has an interesting history and beautiful little chapel I like to tell you all about it.

The town of Piriac-sur-Mer in the Loire Atlantique dept 44 of the new region of Pays de la Loire...  This is just neighboring Morbihan dept 56 and old Bretagne! The town of Piriac-sur-Mer is only 11 km from Guérande and 25 km from Saint-Nazaire. The closest major cities.

The foundation of the village of Saint Sébastien dates back to the 13-14C. It is originally an extension and dependence of the important neighboring village of Kéroudigué, founded by the monks of the abbey of Saint-Sauveur Redon to house their sharecroppers. It is today a bourg or annex to the town of Piriac-sur-Mer.

The Chapelle de Saint-Sébastien is located here. It is founded and endowed in 1543. It is dedicated to Saint Sébastien, a Roman officer killed in 288AD, who became the protector from the plague and epidemics. Inside are a stone statue of the Madonna and Child of the 18C, a polychrome wood statue dating from the 17C representing St. Sebastian, to whom the chapel is dedicated, two wooden statues of worshiping angels dating from the 18C from the church of Piriac, a Christ on the cross above the east gate, the altar, the neo-Byzantine tiled mosaic of the choir and the stained glass window of Saint Sébastien are set up in 1904. The Way of the Cross dates from 1937. Inside, a common curiosity in Brittany is found as far as Saintonge: a stone bench runs along the walls of the nave to the choir.

Piriac sur mer

Piriac sur mer

Piriac sur mer

It was open and quant so we stop by and it was a pleasant surprise to see this little chapel on a main road , old and so well kept. Love it’s architecture and history. Enjoy it at St Sébastien before entering Piriac sur Mer on the road D333.

The tourist office for the area is the La Baule Guérande on Piriac sur Mer but unfortunatley not much info on the chapel. I need to go inside to find a bit more on it. Anyway this is the tourist office webpage: Tourit office La Baule Guerande on Piriac sur Mer

If you ever by this area, which is nice to be, do get a detour to see this small quant well kept historical Chapel of St Sebastian in English. Hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. It looks so ancient and simple, but beautiful and peaceful too! I love it! ❤

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