Church St Pierre au Marais at Saumur!

And moving right along in the wonderful Saumur, I will like to show you a bit more of the Church of St Pierre au Marais sort of St Peter’s of the marshes Church.  The city has plenty of things to see right in the old valley of the kings and many already showcase in my blog. It is time for this wonderful Church of St Peter.

The Church of Saint-Pierre-du-Marais in dept 49 of the Maine-et-Loire, region of Pays de la Loire,in the town of Saumur. The Saint-Pierre district is Saumur’s development in the 12th century. Its church, dedicated to St. Peter, is built from the 12C to the 17C, at the hinge of Romanesque and Gothic Angevin styles. It includes a Romanesque portal, a nave Plantagenet style, a small side chapel of the 14C, two renaissance chapels, etc. Its bell tower has a polygonal arrow slightly twisted  with a height of 69 meters.


The roof of St. Peter’s Church is impressive, with long roofs, and a polygonal dome and dome of the most beautiful effect. At the entrance inside the church, you will be admiring the beautiful spiral staircase to reach the floor and the vaults and vault of the ceiling. Then, a beautiful liturgical furniture, remarkable sculptures, numerous paintings as well as colourful stained glass windows. There are organ concerts here regularly





It has been renovated over the years the last mayor work took place between 2008 to 2016,when it reopened to the services. Now it is wonderfully done and exquisite renovated at to its time. A nice stop over while in Saumur. Hope you enjoy it

Some webpages to help you plan your visit here are

A pdf file by the City of Saumur on a lot more on the Church of St Pierre au MaraisCity of Saumur on the church pdf file in French

Tourist office of Saumur on the Church in French

Ok enjoy it wonderful district to walk around it too, lovely architectures and plenty of good food and great wines!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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