Now the noise is gone from the house and all we have is us…

As the time went by, I had many nice condolences from many folks , including my wife former bosses, some not heard in a while. They all had nice words for me and my wife; she was one good lady and a heck of a great mother and wife. The family is coming more than ever too even those that still had not visited us here. All are welcome.

We need this time to speak about Martine and remember all the good and love she gave us. It was time to go to the flower shop and get some white roses for her cremation. I ,also, took pictures of the front and back of the house and print them on photo paper really nice turn out. These will be put with her.

She went into the hospital and never left it unfortunately , she was saying ,worried that she will never see her house again. So sad it was that way. However, as one good friend from Florida told me, she will be in our house forever, indeed she will be. Thanks DS.

As the weekend approaches the family is coming ,arriving Saturday evening 5 May and Sunday 6 May and one last brother early morning Monday 7 May. The cremation will be by 10h30 on May 7yh  and the ashes will be collected by me by 16h30 (4:30 pm). Extremely punctual service all was like clockwork.

Then, the real trial begins. The house will be empty of her strength and organization and loving touch that took me out when raining with an umbrella going to work. The memories flashing cannot understand this cancer. Billions spent on it, all kinds of gurus mentioning all kinds of treatment even spiritual healers and the cancer still there. IT is like someone mentioned, a conspiracy nobody wants to have it resolve after all is all money. Do not know.

I will have to get my life in order and go along with the boys and my father still with me, at least I have them in the house. They will accompany me in this trial of survival and memories all good so much good. We travel the world together ,eat and sweat all over the big cities and the small villages, drove and walk even took the plane back to Florida and Italy; now is all alone, well my boys will be there.

We are a good team, embedded in the old motto, of one for all and all for one, we are very united and that is a big help. I need a big help. Will think later on how to post here in my blog something about life and travels of pedmar10; stay tune.

This is our house, the one she could not make it back. However, its all full of memories things she did in it, she did all the decoration and even worked in the basement with the boys while I was out on business trips. All full of wonderful memories;our house. These are roses in her memory!

plu Roses ready for planting for Martine may18

We follow the funeral car from the mortuary next to the hospital that took care of her , Chubert or CHBA Vannes, it was to be her last ride I thought . Once in the crematorium it was simple with the family and some ex and current colleagues who nice enough came to the ceremony where we listen a bit to the music of Phil Collins/Genesis my wife favorite singer/group. It was a nice farewell and very sad to see the coffin entered the fire room.


the waiting room at the crematorium


from the lobby of the crematorium out to the memorial garden


the ride from the mortuary to the crematorium

It’s Sunday, we are waiting for the first family members to arrive by 13h30 today, will be the older brother. They are coming by car from the Nord dept 59 and Seine et Marne dept 77. They arrive ok and on Monday noonish , we went to have lunch after the cremation in one of our favorite pizza resto in town le Scampi, we were 16 hungry family members the mother on wheelchair, stepfather (her father died in auto accident when she was 10); sisters and brothers and a couple nieces. A nice family reunion even if in sad circumstances, it is these that brings the family closer together.


the family at scampi


another shot of family in Scampi


more of the family at Scampi

Later on Sunday we were at home with the family and took out our German beers and snacks to gathered around and remember Martine, my dear Frenchie, mamie blue , the best wife/mother you can imagine.


at home with the family


the family and my father being hug


more family at home


one of my sons and Aunt, wife sister at home

It was a very emotional and hectic weekend and Monday all day. We finally went to get the ashes, they are for now in the sofa bed she last used at home. We will think later to take it to the sea at Honfleur Normandy to be share with the braves, and my mother.


the ashes of Martine in sofa bed

Lastly, it was Monday evening and the older brother from the Nord was still here with his family so we decided to go out to get some drinks snacks and I took them to Saint Goustan and one of our favorite there L’Armoric where we had some Breton beers and sausages fries, croquet monsieur sandwiches. This is in the town of Auray.


me in brother in the armoric


the boys and cousin in l’Armoric


place st sauveur st goustan auray

Last minutes gifts and was not allowed to paid so the family began to leave, first the Seine et Marne and last the Nord; they have a long route but safely home. It is nice and sad, we should had had meeting like this more often with Martine alive. It stays the memory and the promise that we will meet more often in the future. For us, it is back to the fight for life alone, the house it seems empty Martine was all over, every fingerprint on it was hers, we are survival we will make it but the memories will be strong , already are.

For the record, today is May 8 back in 1945 WWII in Europe ended; peace and less death that is the goal of any kind. Life is too precious and when you lose one, it becomes more real more to fight for. Happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

6 Comments to “Now the noise is gone from the house and all we have is us…”

  1. All of you have been in my thoughts all week as the occasion markers pass……I also have been thinking that as of Monday, back at home, now the really difficult time begins when the space of Martine is now always empty, but of course so many many wonderful times and memories to always have with you.
    I have said for many years that there is a conspiracy of money within the cancer research environment! My father died of lymphoma in 1963, so I had been contributing since then; my mother died 15 years ago of leukemia and my oldest nephew, 51, currently has lymphoma returned, so I have been in touch with this all my life (not to mention the number of friends lost too.)
    Know that I am there with all of you in thought and memories.

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    • Thanks Trish ,yes it is hard now all empty watching soccer she always did it with us all with us now all alone, just hanging in there with the boys. Thanks again take care


  2. A good send off. I just know that you will look after that garden in her memory!

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  3. A lovely tribute and send off to Martine. Just remember that the people we truly love never die completely as they live forever in our hearts. All the best to you and your boys. Big hug.

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