My visit to Geel in Belgium !

As I brag so much about my road warrior past-time all over Europe, many times I have to encounter folks who think that I do not take public transport in France. Well ,if you live in Europe you know that cannot be true. I have done many many train rides (grand voyageur SNCF frequent traveler ) all over not to mention riding on tramways, buses, metros, and taxis to know and be able to speak about transportation. Of course,not to forget my educational background is aviation,,,(see post), Therefore, to the point, let me update with new text/links in getting to Geel near Antwerp (Anvers Fr), Belgium , which did a couple times taking trains and car to get to Geel, Therefore will tell you about my visit to Geel, Hope you enjoy it as I

The Midi or Central train station is one of 3 in Brussels.  I have walked by the others, but the one used has been always Midi. At Brussels-Midi, the main station of Brussels, Thalys high-speed trains take you comfortably and quickly back to Paris ensuring the connection from Gare du Nord. Brussels-Midi station, more commonly known as Gare du Midi, This station, which was a terminus when it was inaugurated in 1869, and the second station was inaugurated in 1949, and  covered with a yellow and smooth brick facing and is surmounted by a square clock tower became a station of passage from the junction Nord-Midi in 1952. The station has 22 lanes, including two dedicated exclusively to Eurostar trains. It is located at Avenue Fonsny 47B ,main entrance and back side is Place Victor Horta, 26 Saint-Gilles side and where I get my car rentals Avis !

The different was on the going the ride was an odyssey, first TGV Vannes-Paris Montparnasse, change to metro line 4 but was block, police intervention so needed to take alternative line 6 to Denfert-Rochereau then switch again to RER B to reach Gare du Nord; running not to miss my Thalys to Gare du Midi in Brussels. There had reserved an Avis rental car Citroen C3 to reach destination on the ring road of Brussels all with traffic jams to stand still !!! Went around on the E19 straight to Anvers, there took the ring road R2 to final destination. The return was not easier, Avis rental car to Brussels Midi train station was fine, but the thalys was delayed 30 minutes !! by the time reach Paris Nord took metro line 4 alright this time to Paris Montparnasse, arrive late the train TGV was ready to leave, spoked my way to train operators until finally called me back and allow me into the train, oofs !! and reach Vannes, no taxis, tourist had taken them all, needed to wait 15 minutes to have one arrive and finally reach home! Never again by public transport here !


A bit about Geel, a Flemish-speaking city of Belgium located in the Flemish Region in the Province of Antwerp. The central point is the pleasant market (markt)  square, facing the Saint-Amand  Church. With its attractive terraces and easy parking . The oldest part of the City /town hall dates from the 17C. Not far away, the Sint-Dipna Church marks the place where the saint was buried.The area around the Saint Amand Church is full of bars/restos and took up residence on one lol ! One big event taking place here is the Reggae Festival. The Reggae Festival, one of the larger reggae festivals in Europe, the next one is schedule for August 4-5 2023 keep track webpage :

I like the ambiance around the church and should have taken more time but the resto ambiance was very good, The Sint-Amandskerk or St Amand Church  is the oldest parish church in Geel. It is located near the Markt square in the center of the city.  It is a late Gothic church that was built from 1489-1532. The predecessor burned down in 1489. This was built in Brabant white sandstone. The rebuilding of the church took place in 1490 in brick. A few parts of the sandstone structure remained. The tower has a substructure from around 1400, partly also from 1489, and was raised to 59 meters in the mid-16C. In 1567 most of the works of art in the church were destroyed by the iconoclasm. Only images of Saints Dimpna and Gerebernus were spared, as well as two paintings, including an Adoration of the Three Kings.  The interior of the church, as it is revealed today, dates from the Baroque. It concerns the paneling of the side aisles and the confessionals. In addition, the choir stalls from the end of the 17C, a pulpit from around 1715 , the high altar from 1748. Furthermore, on the pillars the statues of the Apostles and the marble choir enclosure from 1693.  The stained glass windows can be seen in the south facade.


The market square,(Markt)  facing the St-Amands Church and bordered by attractive café terraces, is the focal point of the city  Stroll through the shopping streets Nieuwstraat, Pas and Stationsstraat and end your shopping with a relaxing terrace on the traffic-free market!  Several events and a nice Christmas market.  An overview of all stores and events can be found on this webpage:

I stayed both times there at the excellent hotel walking distance to the best in Geel just around from the main square ,200 meters, with excellent personal service was the Hotel Verlooy. Located at Pas 117,(street address) Geel  . The 12 rooms are luxuriously furnished with comfortable beds, unique light design and spacious bathrooms. Oak parquet floors and the use of natural materials create a comfortable space for body and soul.The rooms take their name from the world of pastry with a nod to the neighboring bakery-pastry Verlooy, renowned in the region. Your morning starts in the best possible way with a crisp breakfast in the veranda, overlooking the winter garden. Possibility to rent bicycles and e-bikes only with prior reservation. Parking, WiFi and minibar in the room are free. Webpage :


I went out to drink and eat at the Het Forum ,and the Celtic Legends Irish pub with a nice Guinness,only has a FB page, Het Forum webpage : .

A bit of history I like tell us that from the time of the French revolution in 1795, the Duchy of Brabant was dissolved and Geel made part of the French department of Deux-Neuves, the precursor of the present province of Antwerp. Geel actively participated in the Belgian Revolution of 1830, resulting in the award of an honorary flag from King Leopold II.  A major occurrence in the history of Geel is the battle of Geel in September 1944, one of the heaviest and bloodiest fights during the liberation of Belgium. Eventually the territory of Geel, and the smaller villages around it, were finally liberated on September 23 1944.

The official Thalys trains :

The Geel tourist office (Flemish) :

There you go folks, a train ride which as said can be taken all the way to Anvers but much better the ride from Midi into the side roads of Anvers to reach wonderful picturesque Geel. It would be on the list for a future visit and include the big City ,eventually, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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