The Church Saint Trémeur of Kergloff !!

In my road warrior trips in my lovely Bretagne of my belle France! This is awesome, I was visiting Carhaix (see posts) and saw a church which I thought was there but not, it was actually in the town of Kergloff so off I went ; more amazing sights to show in my blog for me and to the world, This is the wonderful off the beaten path town of Kergloff up in my Finistére dept 29, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The town of Kergloff is near Carhaix only 4 km away, It is also located at 37 km from Morlaix, 55 km from Guingamp , and 85 km from Brest. It is about 92 km from my house.

The parish Church of Saint-Trémeur, dedicated to Saint Trémeur, in neo-Gothic style, was rebuilt between 1881 and 1887 on the site of the former collegiate church built in 1370 and remained collegiate until 1790. Only remains of the old building the bell tower-porch of flamboyant Gothic style (1529-1535), See the altar of Notre-Dame-du-Frout. And Altar of Saint Tremeur (right side altar). The initial church  was established around 1371 in place of a Priory founded in the 12C  by the Benedictines of Redon. The belfry has long openings forming the top floor of the square tower. The bell tower is the only vestige of the old church built between 1529 and 1535, The Sacristy is from 1697, In the tympanum of the double door, at the base of the bell tower, is the statue of Saint Trémeur. A double blunder crowns the gate and for the newer part of 1882, a neo-Gothic style was used. The Choir of the church ends with a flat bedside opened by a large open bay culminating about ten meters. 

Kergloff Ch Saint Tremeur front1 kergloff Mar23

Kergloff Ch Saint Tremeur front kergloff Mar23

The Choir and transept walls are painted with figures of the Coronation of the Virgin ,maybe her assumption and the Holy Trinity dated 1751 and restore in 1858, The symbol of Saint Trémeur remind of his martyrdom, His father Conomor have him decapitated to conserve his title as Count of Poher, Trémeur goes to the tomb of his mother Tréphine, also, killed by Conomor;holding his head in his hands.

Kergloff Ch Saint Tremeur side entr kergloff Mar23

Kergloff Ch Saint Tremeur side belltower kergloff Mar23

A bit of history tell us that between 1589 and 1598, like all of Poher, Kergloff was involved in the wars of the League, From July 6 to October 12, 1675, the Revolt of the Bonnet Rouges or Red Bonnets around Carhaix was led by Sébastien Le Balp, born in Moulin Meur en Kergloff, son of millers. He was sent to prison from 1673 to 1675, and after his release, revolted against injustice, he took the lead of the rebellion which looted mansions and castles, He was finally killed by the Marquis de Montgaillard at the castle of Tymeur in Poullaouen , his corpse was hastily buried before being dug up, decapitated and placed on a wheel at the entrance of the village to serve as an example.

Other things to see me think are :
The Chapel of the Trinity is located in the village of Saint-Drezouarn part of Kergloff ,and dates partly from the 18C, its steeple bearing the date of 1723; it has 18C altarpiece above the altar with an effigy of the Good Shepherd and bas-relief medallions of Christ and the Virgin; it has several statues including those of Saint Herbot, Saint Eloi, Saint Barbara and the Holy Trinity. It was sold as national property during the French revolution. A niche carved into the west wall contains a few bones including a skull that tradition claims to be that of Sébastien Le Balp. The Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours Chapel is dated from 1817; abandoned and threatening ruin, it was restored at the end of the 1990s.

The town of Kergloff on the church

The Carhaix Poher tourist office on the church

There you go folks, a huge off the beaten path town north of me, This is Kergloff, and its worth the detour me think, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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