The fortified town of Alarcon !!

Driving in our road warrior ways thru Castilla La Mancha was awesome, we spent several summers here and always in our minds to come back. Memories flashing in my mind hard to come up with words but we still remember those gone from our lives but not our minds.  Alarcon is one memorable town ,only about 87 km from Cuenca the province capital city. I have written other posts on Alarcon but need to update this older post on links and text and for the memories of always, Hope you enjoy it as I

We rode alone up from Belmonte (see posts) to Alarcon on the road N420 and then the old N III. You come on a mountaineous area throught the gate of the bridge or Puerta del Puente. You see immediately the castle like a spiral on a hill as you come around by car up the hilly road into the main square of town. The town takes its name from king  Alarico,a visigoth that conquest the fortress from the Romans; today you can still see the ramparts wall of this fortress. By  784, it took refuge here the Moorish invaders and the siege on it took about nine months , that the Moors call the Spanish conqueror Fernán Martínez de Ceballos in 1184 the year of Alarcon. The castle today is a small parador or tourist residence you can rent out!.




The Torre del Canavete  belongs to the defensive set of Alarcón, forming part of the most advanced defenses. It protected a wall that closes the isthmus to prevent the attacker from reaching Alarconcillo and from there to Alarcón.


The Torre de los Alarconcillos was built in the first part of the 14C, when it was decided to cede the lands of Alarcón to the infante Juan Manuel. At this time, we know today as Torre de los Alarconcillos. Some time later, it passed into the hands of the Marquises of Villena, with whom the Catholic Monarchs had several disputes. Therefore, numerous battles took place on this site, being a clear center of resistance of this marquisate against the kings.


The Torre del Campo was built in the 14C by the Infante Don Juan Manuel, hence the Infante’s coat of arms is on its south façade. The tower was built next to one of the meanders that the river Júcar, to defend its homonymous Puerta del Campo, which was, according to its location, the access to the first of the 3 walled enclosures that Alarcón had. It is known as Torre del Campo, because it is oriented towards the countryside or towards the outskirts of the town. Access to this tower, almost 20 meters high, was and is made, through its west façade, through a door located some 6 meters from the ground and a factory staircase that is currently missing its second section.


There is another interesting church that we tried to include on this visit but no time , that is the Church of Santo Domingo in late Romanesque style from the 12C . We did next time.

The Alarcon tourist office :

The Castilla La Mancha regional tourist office on Alarcon:

For reference the Parador of Alarcon :

There you go folks, this is one town to visit as it is conveniently in the direction of Valencia and the beaches from Madrid along the A3 expressway worthy of a visit ,me think. Again, hope you enjoy the post on the fortified town of Alarcon as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Stunner. Spain has all the best castles.

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