Again, the castle and national naval museum of Brest !!

Let me take you north of my lovely Bretagne and the great seamen city of Brest. Of course, many posts on it but this one would like to update for you and me. I love castles and when they house a naval museum even more, and this is the case again on the castle and national naval museum in Brest! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Brest chateau de Brest ent nov12

Brest chateau de Brest sides nov12

Within the Brest Castle, rich in 17 centuries of history, the National Naval Museum , traces the history of the arsenal and large sea fleets from Primauguet and Richelieu until today, and confirms the close ties between the city of Brest and this maritime history. By browsing the different rooms of the castle, the historic heart of the city, and one of the few vestiges of its past, you will enjoy a superb collection of models of ships, paintings, sculptures, the pocket submarine, the evocation of the old Brest, The memories of the prison… all in connection with the great naval adventure. Alone or in the company of a speaker, discover this exceptional site that offers a superb panorama of the harbor, the Penfeld and the city.

brest mus de la marine hanging ship margoon nov13

brest mus de la marine trip around the world remains on trip order by louis XVI nov13

The visit combines interior and exterior, allowing you to appreciate the richness of the collections, the panoramas of the harbour, the ports, the Penfeld and the city. The route evokes shipbuilding, the penal colony of Brest, the apogee of the port during the American War of Independence, the masterpieces of naval decoration, the industrial revolution, the emblematic ships of the post-war period, submarines and ocean racing in the Indian Ocean.Also to be discovered at the Ateliers des Capucins: The Emperor’s Canoe, a major piece in the collections of the National Maritime Museum. It is the only ceremonial canoe preserved in France.

Brest mus de la marine ilustrious mariners busts nov13
Brest mus de la marine salon of goddess nov13

Built on the foundations of a 3C Roman castellum,the Brest Castle is the oldest heritage site in the city of Brest. The spaces open to the public, dating from the 15C, have been redesigned by Vauban. Beyond the permanent and temporary collections of the museum, you will also appreciate the walk on the external parts of the Castle: along its curtain walls and its walkway or from the top of the towers, with a breathtaking view of the harbor of Brest, the ports, the Penfeld and the city !

Brest mus de la marine wood statues naval office and boats nov13

brest mus de la marine insignias weapons nov13

As said, always come here by car but for the benefit of some visitors in Brest take bus line 2 and get off at the “Musée de la Marine” stop or tram line A and get off at the “Château” stop. Enjoy it fully !

The City of Brest on the national naval museum :

The City of Brest on the castle :

The official national naval museum of Brest

The Brest tourist office on the national naval museum

There you go folks, a dandy must see while in Brest, And for me easy parking area just in front of the castle ,where we always parked and from there is easy walking all over the city center. The castle museum of Brest is wonderful , very educational, very well done, fun for the whole family and highly recommended as one of the best maritime museums in the world!  Again, hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. You should visit the various naval museums in England. Britania Rules The waves.

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