More on the churches of Perros Guirec !!

And I bring you back north of Bretagne that is and pretty Perros Guirec in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 and tell you more of the churches of Perros Guirec. I have written before but found me new older pictures not yet on my blog that should. Therefore, here is a bit more on the Saint Jacques Church  and the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Clarté of Perros Guirec. Of course, see previous posts on them for more history and description. Hope you enjoy this new text and picture post as I.

The Church of Saint-Jacques is in the heart of the city center, it strikes the visitor through its portal ogival adjoining a square granite tower of Ile Grande 14C, surmounted by a dome extended by a pyramidal spire in granite of the Clarté-Ploumanac’h ,17C. Raised on a hill from the end of the 11C, dedicated to Saint-Jacques (St James/Santiago), it sheltered pilgrims from the north en route to Santiago de Compostela A rare example of Breton Romanesque architecture, this 12C granite church is especially interesting for the sculptures of the porch and the historiated capitals of the nave. There would be represented, among other things, the fight of King Arthur and Eflam against the dragon who had taken up residence in the shelter of the rock of Roch Hirglas, near Lannion. The upper part of the church, from the center to the apse, is a 15C Gothic. Inside, the Romanesque nave has ten pillars with engraved or sculpted capitals. The statuary art and the furniture are also worthy of interest, such as the 17C altarpiece, animated by eighteen statuettes, the Stations of the Cross (1952) or the organ made in 1997. also a Christ to outrages and piety from the end of the 15C, and an exceptional painting representing Saint-Yves between the Rich and the Poor, dating from the Directory of the French revolution (1795-1799).


In the late 11C and early 12C, a rectangular chapel was erected on the hill by monks. It welcomed pilgrims from the north and across the Channel on their way to Compostela. It was dedicated to Saint-Jacques le Majeur. (St James the Major) The 12C portal, in pink sandstone, a tower and a bell tower will be added. In the 16C, two bays in the Breton Renaissance style were added and today constitute the choir of the church, the symbols of the Catholic religion are present everywhere on the capitals. It illuminates those that are remarkable such as the sacrifice of Abraham, the representation of the birth of the Virgin Mary and the birth of Christ announced by Saint-Guirec to the Celts, the doves representing the Eucharist, etc. There are, for example, statues, such as that of Saint-Yves, from the 18C, dressed in the costume of the time when he lived in the 13C. In the choir, the altarpiece contains the most important figures of the Christian world, in painted wood, on three levels.


The Catholic Parish of Perros Guirec on the church

The city of Perros Guirec on the Church Saint Jacques:

The Perros Guirec tourist office on the Church St Jacques (James):

The Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-la-Clarté is a regional Gothic style building built in large and medium-sized pink granite from Saint-Samson and Clarté-Poumanac’h . The railing crowning the tower was not built until after 1594, with materials from the castle of Ploumanac’h, destroyed that year by royal troops during the troubles of the League. As for the spire, of hexagonal plan, it is probably not earlier than 1645. The paneling of the nave was redone and repainted in 1712. A square sacristy was added in 1828 by the bay of the aisle.



The Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Clarté or Our Lady of Clarity Chapel of Perros Guirec ! It was started in 1445. It is difficult to date the end of this Renaissance monument mixing Gothic and new architecture. This granite setting shelters the Stations of the Cross donated in 1931 by the master Maurice Denis,who spent his summers in Trestrignel, painted and offered a Stations of the Cross, completed and blessed in August 1931, but also many other marvels: just look up to admire the vault with delicate foliage, its sandpits, its swallow-holes. Notre-Dame de La Clarté is the patron saint of sailors, its 17C spire serves as a landmark for ships. Three ship models (ex-voto) suspended in front of the altar testify to the recognition of the sailors for the Virgin Salvatore. The statue of the Virgin is made of oak, it was crowned in 1946. This high spiritual place is one of the busiest in Brittany.


The local  tradition of the 15C tells us that a certain lord of Barac’h, in Louannec, nearly failed with his squadron near the Sept-Îles. The mist was so thick that the sailors ‘ death seemed inevitable. All on their knees made a vow to Notre-Dame: The commander would build her a chapel if she created a saving hole in the fog. The miracle took place and the Lord of Barac’h built the Chapelle de Notre-Dame de la Clarté.  The place takes on its full spiritual significance during the Grand Pardon on August 15, one of the most popular in Trégor with its bonfire, religious celebration and magnificent procession. On occasion, the pretty fountain, which was connected to a spring reputed to cure the eyes and prevent blindness, is cleaned and filled with water from the well adjoining the chapel. A moment of grace.


The Perros Guirec tourist office on the Chapel

The Friends of the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Clarté:

The Côtes d’Armor dept 22 tourist office on the Chapel:

There you go folks, this is a nice walkable town of Perros Guirec ,even better in summers. I am glad was able to tell you more about these wonderful  monuments of the Church St James, and the Notre Dame de la Clarté chapel of Perros Guirec. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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