The Church Notre Dame des Grèves of Saint Malo !!

As said we love to walk, once in town of course. And doing this we like to expand our horizons and go to off the beaten path areas where not many venture to go. The finds are amazing to say the least. Saint Malo was no different, let your feet do the tell all! We wanted to walk past new sites as Saint Malo has plenty, and found the Church Notre Dame des Gréves, in Rocabey district. Let me tell you more about it and see my previous post on it , Hope you enjoy it as I


The Notre-Dame-des-Grèves Church, in the center of the Rocabey district of Saint-Malo, 400 meters from the train station, towards the sea. A lovely find indeed, Plenty of history and architecture on my first post, this one is to add new old pictures found in my vault that should be in my blog.


The construction of the nave began in 1872 ,and was completed in 1937 with the final transept and the choir, It is in the Latin cross plan, ribbed vaults for the nave, broken barrel vault for the choir, porch bell tower, flat apse. Neo-Gothic style.


The story goes that on May 1, 1867, the mayor, after a declaration of public utility, undertook to acquire from the State a plot of 1.41 ha forming part of the dry shore of Rocabey to build a church there with a presbytery, a school house and an asylum room, the church was given over to worship in 1872. In June 1937, the expansion work began which, despite some ups and downs , allowed the consecration, on October 15, 1938, of the Notre Dame des Gréves Church as we know it today.


The parish of Saint Malo on the Church ND des Gréves:

The Saint Malo tourist office on the Church ND des Gréves

There you go folks, another dandy find in lovely Saint Malo, just walk about 1,2 km from the intra muros place Chateaubriand along the quai Duguay-Trouin then right on voie de la Liberté past the post office building turn left on Blvd de la Tour d’Auvergne, and the church is right ahead on your right. Hope you enjoy this post on the Church Notre Dames des Gréves of Saint Malo as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Wonderful place ! I love Saint-Malo !

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