The Château Anne de Bretagne of Saint Malo !!!

And here we come to the wonderful intra muros center in Saint Malo. Again written before, but these are older new pictures in my blog on the Castle of Anne of Brittany a wonderful place. This has the City hall and maritime museum but now closed until 2025, in a new building, It is still a must place to see and hope you enjoy this follow up post on it as I

St Malo chateau anne de bretagne beach side aug12

St Malo chateau anne de bretagne by port jul12

You know, Saint-Malo owes its name to the Welsh monk Mac Low who, around the 6C, became bishop of Alet, the ancient cradle of the current town founded in the middle of the 12C.The Château de Saint-Malo, which now houses the city/town hall, was built by the Dukes of Bretagne ; integrating the northern part of the enclosure by the Porte Saint-Thomas, it separates the Porte Saint-Vincent-by an interruption, the latter corresponding to the old moat which isolated it from the rest of the city.

St Malo chateau anne de bretagne walls defense aug12

As said, the castle was built by the Dukes of Brittany to ensure their guardianship over the city of Saint-Malo, it’s impressive! It is possible to access the upper parts of the large keep of the castle ,The current collections, valued at more than 8,500 pieces, focus more particularly on the history and maritime heritage of Saint-Malo and its surrounding country. Modified and completed by the construction of several other towers over the centuries ,such as the La Générale , Quic-En-Groigne, Moulins and Dames ,the castle then became a prison, garrison, and later museum. From the entrance,the large Porte de Saint-Vincent gate, you can see on the right side of the ramparts, several keeps and towers adorned with the coat of arms of Saint-Malo. From these turrets, the view is breathtaking: a 360° view of the city and the surroundings.

St Malo chateau anne de bretagne fr st vincent aug12

The construction of the ducal castle of Saint-Malo began in 1424 with the construction of the Grand Donjon 35 meters high in the shape of a horseshoe. Crowned with machicolation, the keep has a covered gallery on the top floor, the roof of which is surmounted by two watchtower turrets joined to one another. Then, Duke François II had the La Générale or General Tower built . Then, it was his daughter, the Duchess Anne of Brittany, who raised the Tour Quic-en-Groigne tower, completed in 1505. Four other towers finally came to complete the building: the Tour des Dames , the Tour des Moulins ,and the less imposing Petit Donjon and Tour Carrée. The castle was thus to resemble, according to Duchess Anne’s wishes, a carriage, with four wheels , the towers connected by curtain walls, a box , the Grand Donjon, and a drawbar , the Pointe de la Galère which extends the castle. Since 1927, the Grand Donjon has housed the city’s History Museum, which traces the past of the corsair city through some famous figures in Saint-Malo, such as Jacques Cartier, Duguay-Trouin and Chateaubriand. In the General Tower is also the Ethnographic Museum of the Malouin Country which evokes among other things the time of fishing in Newfoundland and shipbuilding in the region. The Château also houses the City/Town Hall of Saint-Malo. The panorama over the city and the bay of Saint-Malo from the top of the watchtowers of the Grand Donjon is awesome !

St Malo chateau anne de bretagne hotel de ville et entr to museum chateau aug12

st malo chateau anne de bretagne jardin des douves aug20

The city of Saint Malo on the museum opening 2025 :

There you go folks, a dandy castle of Saint Malo, a must to see, Be aware the museum is closed for renovation and moving to new quarters by 2025 , Nevertheless, the castle is worth the detour ! Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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