Curiosities of Quimperlé !!

In my latest road warrior rounds of my lovely Bretagne, I came back to wonderful Quimperlé, I have written plenty on this nice town, but took new pictures and therefore a new post on my curiosities of Quimperlé !! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Gare de Quimperlé or train station is on the line from Savenay to Landerneau, and located near the center of the town. It was put into service in 1863 , The Quimperlé train station is served by TGV inOui on the Paris-Montparnasse – Rennes – Quimper relationship, and by TER Bretagne trains which carry out missions between the stations of Quimper ,Lorient, Rennes, and Nantes.

Quimperle gare front feb23

Theodore Hersart de la Villemarque , wrote  Barzas-Breiz  (Breton popular songs and dance)  The Théa collection of songs collected, words and music, in the Breton language, written by Théodore Hersart de la Villemarque , wrote  Barzas-Breiz (= poems of Brittany ) ,which is a collection of songs , words and music, in the Breton part of Brittany in the 19C,See my post on his statue in town, This wall on the picture is where is native house stood.

Quimperle maison natale de Théodore Hersart de La Villemarqué former at place du Barza-Breizh dzb23

Recall that Quimperlé is located at the confluence of the Ellé and the Isole then forming a coastal river La Laïta , The Isole river has very clear waters. It has its source in the Montagnes Noires, in Morbihan. Its course is made up of many meanders, until it creates deep gorges at the level of the Cascadec forest, in Scaër. The Isole is a 48 km long river that crosses Morbihan and Finistère before flowing into the Laïta. Five bridges in the town of Quimperlé upstream from the confluence with the Ellé to form the Laïta.

Quimperle L'Isole river bridge Parking Barzaz Breiz feb23

Quimperle L'Isole river ecluse Parking Barzaz Breiz feb23

See houses nos 8 ,10 12 in quant nice Rue Brémond-d’Ars from the 16C renovated.

Quimperle Rue Brémond d'Ars feb23

 I went by my now Laita Ford dealer.  This is where my salesperson from Vannes is now and I follow him, very good guy and always giving me good deals for me and my son, We are Ford all the way back…. !!

Quimperle Laita Ford dealer passing bay feb23

The local Quimperlé Terre Océane tourist office on the heritage of Quimperlé:

There you go folks, another dandy run to wonderful Quimperlé , amazing architecture and history all over, we love it, Again, hope you have enjoy this post on my curiosities of Quimperlé as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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