The Notre-Dame Church of Billio !

I bring you back to quant off the beaten path Billio in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France.  Billio is a small territory, limited to the north by Guéhenno, to the west by Saint-Jean-Brévelay, to the south by Plumelec, and to the east by Cruguel. The city center is only 7 km from Saint-Jean-Brévelay, 24 from Ploërmel, and 28 from Vannes.I like to show you new text and pictures on the Church Notre Dame of Billio ! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Billio Ch Notre Dame clock front jan23

The parish of Billio would be of monastic origin. Its first name being Monstoer which became Mouster-Biliou, then Billio in homage to Bili, the bishop of Vannes killed by the Normans in the 10C. Independent in 1422, it was then united with that of Cruguel and remained so until the French revolution. Erected as a town in 1790, it became independent again in 1802.

Billio Ch Notre Dame side left jan23

It was probably in the middle of the 16C that a first church was erected since a sculpted stone from a previous church bears the date of 1553. This one was dedicated to Saint-Corentin, the bishop of Quimper and one of the 7 holy founders of Brittany in the 5C.

Billio Ch Notre Dame belltower entr jan23

The Notre-Dame Church  built from 1471-1860. This church was erected to replace an ancient church dedicated to Saint Corentin and whose structure was decorated in the 17C. From this old church, there remains a carved stone giving the date of 1553. The oldest parts date from 1471. The present Church is built in 1860. The stained glass of the Virgin, dates from the 20C  representing  the Virgin surrounded by little angels. One can admire a chalice in vermeil from the 18C  to the arms of the family of Lantivy, and two processional crosses, of the 18C also, one of them in silver. The square tower, built in granite, stands out slightly in front of the two side chapels. In its hemicycle, the choir retains the stalls and high woodwork placed in 1872. At the entrance, we notice a granite font which does not lack elegance.

Billio Ch Notre Dame back jan23

When you enter the Notre Dame Church, you notice its beautiful proportions and the pretty light that bathes the whole. This is due to the three magnificent stained glass windows in the choir. These were made by the master glassmaker Bonneville when he was a refugee in Rieux between 1939 and 1945.  They represent, from left to right, Joseph, the Virgin surrounded by cherubs and Saint Anne. The stained glass windows of the side chapels represent the appearance of Lourdes to the north and the appearance of the Sacred Choir to the south. The current configuration of the church results from the arrangements of 1961 and 1971. Gradually decorated, the whole has some beautiful objects such as the two altars or the granite stoup near the entrance. Note also some beautiful statues including Notre-Dame de la Salette which protects the church and which is above the entrance.

The town of Billio on its Notre Dame Church

Pretty pond behind the Notre Dame Church of Billio!

Billio pond garden behind Ch Notre Dame jan23

There you go folks, another wonderful ride thru the nice off the beaten paths little towns of my beautiful Morbihan. Bear with me and you too can have an unique visit to unique places on the off the beaten path trails such as nice Church of Notre Dame of Billio, Again, hope you have enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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