The Church of Saint Nicodème of Quily/Val d’Oust !

And we go on, on an endless tour of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the lovley region of Bretagne in my belle France. The views,sights are indeed endless here and I am doing my best to introduce you to the off the beaten paths of my Brittany. Let me bring you back with new text and pictures on a new visit to quant small Quily ,and its Church of Saint Nicodéme ! To note this town is now under the Val d’Oust name since 2016, Hope you enjoy it as I.

Quily Ch Saint Nicodéme front jan23

The main thing to see in Quily is the Church of Saint Nicodéme. It was built in 1689, is in the architectural style known as the “Latin cross”, in a pseudo classical style , and the 16C cemetery. The church houses altars dedicated to Saint Anne and the Virgin Mary. Under the southern porch is a chest with sculpted panels from the 16C. The Church was originally built as the Church of Notre Dame des Neiges (our lady of snow). Since 1802 the name is that of Saint Nicodéme.

Quily Ch Saint Nicodéme side entr jan23

This was an anclosed parish. The main entrance gate into the cemetery was once permanently closed. One entered by this door only for the baptisms, the marriages and the burials. This door is located in the cardinal point where the sun sets, symbol of the night, darkness, death. The ordinary passage is made by stepping over the stile stone. The current wall is a very simple gable wall, a construction derived from 16C belfry walls. The rampants are interrupted by the bell tower ending at the 4 corners with animal heads. The southern rampant carries in the thickness of the wall stair steps for access to the bells. The many crossettes of the rampants represent dragons, monkeys, dogs, lions, chimeras, etc. The nave contains several statues including a Pieta, a Trinity and a Saint Derrian. The lectern features a child’s head with a deformed face.

Quily Ch Saint Nicodéme back jan23

The new city of Val d’Oust on its heritage includes the above church

There you go folks, again on the beaten path town of Quily and the quant Church of Saint Nicodéme ! Again hope you have enjoyed the new post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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