The 3 of Vannes !!

I have written on them in spots in different posts but need to have one with more information on these wonderful restaurants of my capital City of Vannes in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France, I have gone to many restaurants,as it is part of my hobbies on a foodie level and would to tell you about three memorable ones in this post. Let me tell you a bit on these wonderful restaurants : A l’Aise Breizh Café, La Saigonnaise, and Chez la Mére 6 sous , I wanted to say the 3 muskeeters of Vannes that was too much me think lol ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The A l’Aise Breizh Café, right on top of the  capitainerie in the Le Port marina area of Vannes. This is the pleasure marina with berths for 3000 boats!!! You eat on top of the capitainerie and see the canal with all those boats.

vannes a l aise breizh cafe backside 17nov2013

The ambiance here is excellent, very helfpul happy, prompt service always.  The food is great well done and well presented. You need réservations for the evenings and weekends as it is packed with locals. On Sundays you have many families from the area bringing their eldest to eat together. The dining room is packed and I love it.

vannes a l aise breizh cafe terrace to port back 17nov2013

In the restaurant , my twins got a nice gift as a coffee mug from A l’Aise Breizh Café ,which ,also, has a boutique on each of their location , Nice ,great treat indeed.

vannes a l aise breizh cafe dining to-port 17nov2013

The A L’Aise Breizh Café :

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Breizh Café

One of my colleagues at work here told me about an Asian resto, and as my wife like that food, and I have been taking it on lately on my travels in Asia, we decided to try today. It was a find, wonderful family very helpful Vietnameses, great service, the food is all home made on site, and good prices, prompt personalise service, and we left feeling like we have found a home in Vannes. The place La Saigonnaise, 2 Place de la Madeleine. They have take out service for 15% less than the menu carte prices. Indeed we went overboard with Chinese and Vietnamese beers, then the menu for entrée, plat, and dessert . An assortments of samoassas, nems, raviolis,papillottes with shrimp, cantonese rice, chinese fry noodles, with two distinct sauces, I had the bœuf au saté or beef satay sauce; great, and for desserts dame de saigon (coco,banana ice cream and chantilly cream with a vietnamese nougat on top).



The La Saigonnaise

The RestaurantGuru reviews on La Saigonnaise:

This one is by old town, walking around all day we needed to eat and we stop at one of the quant places to eat in Vannes , the resto Chez la Mére 6 Sous, 11 Rue Thomas de Closmadeuc; great goat cheese salad, mussels and fries, chorizo spanish pizzas , a bottle of brut cider from the Val du Rance all good.


Chez la Mère 6 Sous is an art bistro nicely tucked away in a colorful cul-de-sac in the pedestrianized center of Vannes, they do home cooking and good casual food with . traditional cuisine with local specialities such as Breton dishes, oysters from the Gulf of Morbihan, scallops, sea sauerkraut, certified organic wines. The owners are there since December 1 2019 ,after 12 years in La Trinité-sur-Mer in the restaurant Le Carré, Jean-Marie and Véronique Launey , Anyway they figure this is a restaurant with a good 30 years of history!


The Chez la Mére 6 sous :

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Chez la Mére 6 sous:

There you go folks, yes we have been out a lot ,and of course now with more vivid memories than ever as my dear late wife Martine was the motor that got me going to these places. I think you would love it in these wonderful places in my dear Vannes. Bon appétit, and drink wines, cider, beers all in moderation , good for the economy and the traditions of France. Unesco World Heritage Intangible listed ! Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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