The Chapelle Notre Dame de la Route of Brech !!

This was mix in with other monuments and really should have a post of its own. This is the first town I lived when came to the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely Bretagne in 2011. It is a town divided into many smaller villages or lieu-dit and the main town or bourg is where the church is, even thus I lived in Corn er Hoët (Breton, French would be Orée du Bois meaning edge of the woods). It really packs a lot of monuments with nice architecture and history for a small town, I was lucky to lived in it briefly. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Route of Brech. Hope you enjoy the post as I.


The Chapelle Notre Dame de la Route , mane salut D120 road off roundabout by N165.  The Notre-Dame de la Route Chapel was built in 1963 with stones from ruined local chapels. It is a modern chapel in a green setting. Its name was born from the many motorists who stopped there. The chapel is an example of the angular architecture that imposed itself after WWII. Its sobriety, its unity and the harmony of its volumes reflect the will of the architect. The chapel is open year round, every day from 10h to 18h.


The combination of modern and traditional materials, giving it a look that is both modern and rustic. It was built in a spirit of mutual aid and thanks to donations. This is a nice contrast to the older churchs/Chapels that abound in this region, something unique and a nice story of faith.


The City of Brech on the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Route :

There you go folks, another dandy in my beautiful Morbihan and sentimental Brech The locals write it Brec’h. Nowedays we passed by it every day , and the memories continue. Again, hope you enjoy the post on the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Route of Brech,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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