Curiosities of Morlaix !!

I have come to Morlaix several times and plenty of posts but there are always those pictures that got away and kept in my vault, Well, its time to show them to you, me and the world on the beauty of Morlaix , nice Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne, Something off the beaten path but worth stopping by me think, therefore, here is my latest on the curiosities of Morlaix , Hope you enjoy the post as I.

I will cut the text short as have several posts on these monuments in my blog already, This post is to enjoy the older new pictures found in my vault, Thanks for reading me since 2010 !

The Church of Saint Melaine is of flamboyant Gothic style (15C) dedicated to Melaine de Rennes. The Priory of Sainte-Mélaine  was founded between 1149 and 1157 following a donation of Guyomarc’h III, Lord of Morlaix. The Church was built at the end of the 15C.



The Church of Saint-Mathieu  was during the 11C that the Abbey of St. Matthew near Le Conquet, founded in Morlaix, the Priory of Saint-Mathieu.  The current church was built in 1824; it replaces a Gothic church dating from 1498, succeeding itself to the primitive priory church probably Romanesque. The Bell Tower, it, dates from the 16C. It is one of the first witnesses of the Renaissance style in Brittany.


The Church of Saint Martin .In 1128, Hervé II, viscount of Léon, gave the abbey of Marmoutiers its village of Bourret, near Morlaix, with the chapels of Saint-Augustin and the Madeleine. The parish which depended on the order of Saint-Benoît was very extensive. At the time of the concordat it was again returned to worship and “the altar of white marble, spotted with reddish cupboards which had been deposited with the citizen Le Bozec, with the two angels of white Carrara marble, of a rather fine work” resumed their former place in the choir. The Church of Saint-Martin only dates from the 18C, its overall plan is a Latin cross ending in a semicircle both at the apse and at the ends of the transept, where we notice steps or angles which gracefully complicate the laidout.


The Place Allende & Duchess Anne’s House, A half-timbered house from the end of the 15C with a gable on the street. Interior layout characteristic of the houses of Morlaix with manor hall, monumental fireplace and staircase in Pondalez.


The Viaduct was built from 1861 to 1864 during the construction of the railway line linking Paris to Brest. 292 meters long, 58 meters high, 14 arches and 9 rings, 11,000 m3 of stones… The first floor of the viaduct is open. And go down by the alley of La Roche.


The Quai de Tréguier is about 200 meters long ,On it you have the several houses going back to 1677 still standing, From the Quai de Tréguier, all other streets in the parish being named the Grande Venelle district, which connects to the quai de Tréguier to the Rue de Ploujean. In 1720, the quay was already built over almost its entire length, A remarkable building here is the Hôtel de François du Parc from the 17C described as a large square pavilion flanked by a round turret. It ended on the quay of Tréguier by an advance supported by pillars and forming spears at the entrance to the district. This is where on August 8, 1944, around 15h (3 p.m.), the arrival to Morlaix of the first American vehicles, liberating the city.



The city of Morlaix on its heritage

The Bay of Morlaix tourist office on its heritage:

The Bretagne region tourist board on Morlaix :

There you go folks a nice walk about the nice picturesque town of Morlaix in upper lovely Bretagne.  Up the alley from my house, and always a nice trip. Hope you enjoy the curiosities of Morlaix post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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