Curiosities of Le Conquet !!

The town of Le Conquet sits on a tip of the peninsula about 2h30 from our house. It is the westernmost part of continental France in gorgeous Finistére dept 29, and my lovely Bretagne. Easy ride on the N165 towards Brest and there get on the direction Guipavas airport following Guillou Saint Renan and finally Le Conquet, most on the D67,and finally entering town on the D789.

Le Conquet has only three island towns Ouessant, Île-Mullein and Île-de-Sein are further west in France. The Breton name of the Le Conquet is Konk-Leon. I have written several posts on the town but found me new older pictures in my vault that need to have in my blog, Therefore, here are my curiosities of Le Conquet !! Hope you enjoy it as I,

I found me another picture of the city hall or mairie of Le Conquet that has a nice history, already told in previous post, The city of Le Conquet purchase the building and grounds and finally in 2000 it was made into the City/Town hall we see today!


 You come to the beautiful presqu’île de Kermorvan,or Kermorvan peninsula all the way to the pointe de Kermorvan and a lighthouse as well as a fort de l’Ilette, another military marvel done in 1847 and still accessable in low sea levels on foot. We made it all the way to the pointe to see the lighthouse of kermorvan, which is not allow visits. This is gorgeous country and a must to see here.



As said we stopped by chance into Les Korrigans grill pizzeria restaurant at 7 rue Lieutenant Jourden for lunch , and what a nice surprise, friendly talkative owners servers, and a nice English Setter dog, very well behave who play with the kids and my sons !!! This is a new found picture of the bar area, see previous post for more.


The Church of Saint Croix  with its Gothic appearance, the ancient statues adoring its façade, its 18C tomb and its large flamboyant stained glass, all these elements seems several times centenary . However, the church was built in the mid-19C , I have a previous post on it with lots more info, The are a couple of pictures that need to have in my blog of this wonderful monument.



The town of Le Conquet on its heritage

The local Iroise area tourist office on Le Conquet

The local Irosie Bretagne tourist office on the lighthouse of Kermovan :

There you go folks, another beautiful spot in my lovely Bretagne, this is Le Conquet on the western tip of France ! Sublime seafarers town and the ocean is always knocking. Hope you enjoy this new curiosities of Le Conquet post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health , and many cheers to all !!!

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