More on the Saint-Sauveur Church of Auray !!!

And I bring you back to one of my favorite areas in all of my beautiful Morbihan. Not far from my house in fact about 15 minutes by car along the D768 direction Auray. I have written several posts on what to see in Auray, but need to do so again for this church. Therefore, here is more of the Church of Saint Sauveur in the district of Saint Goustan, town of Auray !!!

The Saint-Sauveur Church is sometimes referred to as Saint-Goustan Church. You need to climb hilly cobblestone steps from Place St Sauveur or come around the back by car and walk downhill. All worth it hugely beautiful area , me think.  The Saint-Sauveur Church dates from 1469. A freestone inscription located on the left pillar of the entrance recalls its foundation. From this period, only the portal remains. The rest of the building, destroyed during a fire in 1886, has been rebuilt.

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur altar jan23

The entrance facade has, in the gable, an ogival entrance whose carpentry is carved: two leaves with crosspieces carved with foliage; two transom panels with escutcheon and crown of thorns; gate or lower part treated in the Henri II or Louis XIII style. It is one of the largest and most important portal is that of Saint-Sauveur d’Auray. The portal of the Saint-Sauveur Church is 3.5 meters high, 2 meters wide, and weighs around 300 kg !

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur front jan23

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur nave to altar jan23

This Saint Sauveur Church was built in the shape of a Latin cross and in the ogival style. Inside there was a chapel dedicated to Saint Roch ,and a second dedicated to Saint-René. As for the side chapels, they changed patronage to the profile of the Blessed Virgin and Saint Joseph. However, there are still statues of Saint René and Saint Roch, accompanied by his dog.

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur way of the Cross jan23

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur chapel virgin and nativity jan23

All the furniture, in neo-Gothic style woodwork, dates from the reconstruction of the church. The choir has a beautiful altar located in front of a white tabernacle and is separated from the nave by a pretty balustrade of the same carved wood. The stained glass windows are of good quality, in particular those on the north aisle which represent the Virgin, very present in the church, Saint John and Christ on the cross under the name of Saint Saviour. You can admire the carved wooden furniture, in particular the pulpit where a statue of Saint-Goustan sits enthroned, and the enclosure of the Choir.

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur pulpit jan23

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur chapel baptismal jan23

Although the church is under the name of Saint-Sauveur, the district is under the protection of Saint Goustan, the patron saint of sailors and fishermen. It is besides a fish in the hand that it is often represented. Of particular interest to be found in the church is a model ship from 1865. It is also worth noting, exposed in a corner, the mechanism of the old pendulum clock. Dating from 1903 and running until 1933, it was restored by volunteers in 2019.

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur statue savior jan23

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur chapel savior jan23

See the Orion, a large model (the most imposing reported in Brittany) of a French warship with spur, sailing and steaming. This model, deposited in 1908, was restored in 1994-1995 by a model maker from Auray, who was awarded in the “ex-voto” category during the national competition for the heritage of the coasts of France organized at that time. by the Chasse-Marée. This 26 kg metal model served as a model for the battleship Magenta built at the Lorient arsenal. Freed from its glass case, it now lets itself drift with the winds, suspended under the chapel of the Saint-Sauveur Church.

Auray Ch Saint Sauveur ex voto boat and Virgin jan23

The city of Auray on its heritage see Saint Goustan

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Saint Goustan, Auray

The Bretagne region tourist board on Saint Goustan, Auray :

There you go folks, another dandy in my beautiful Morbihan breton! Enjoy it as we do and great place to vist for walks and eating out! This is Saint Goustan and anchor by the Saint Sauveur Church !!! Sublime !!!

And rememeber, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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