Again, the Créperie Saint Sauveur of Auray !!!

This is an ongoing story as we came to live in this area we road warrior a lot but also walked a lot in towns. Auray was no exception and walked it we did. Coming upon the lower town or the port of Saint Goustan and its meandering narrow steep cobblestones streets we hit this restaurant; the Créperie Saint Sauveur! It has been our central eatery and already good friends with the owners which we have even encountered doing the groceries! Of course, hightly recommended.

Auray Creperie St Sauveur front jan23

We came to Saint Goustan again today, and remembering this place while waiting for my car annual revision in Norauto Auray; we came to have lunch again. . Moving up from the Place Saint Sauveur you come to a hilly cobblestone street rue Saint René and turn right on another narrow street to rue Saint Sauveur and voilà you see the Créperie Saint Sauveur!

Auray Creperie St Sauveur dining room jan23

We have not been back for a while but to my surprise, the owners came out again to greet us and remember us well. They even show us their new investment adjacent to the créperie where they are thinking of opening a boutique with the products they use in the restaurant créperie . These are nice people doing excellent work in the kitchen we like it. They always come to talk to us about their projects kids, etc. We came to know them well and love the opportunity to be back. As said, we came across them several times while doing our groceries in the market or hypermarket !

Auray Creperie St Sauveur bar jan23

I copy from their site and translate as follows:  Since 2010, Erwan and Aurore (the owners) have taken over this establishment for which they had a real crush. This gourmet creperie distinguished by Gault & millau since 2014 obtains a toque in 2021 with immense joy. The tables and inns of France also reference them in their local table category which promotes the philosophy of locavore and fresh seasonal products. Crowned with the title of master restaurateur since 2017, we highlight home cooking. In June 2021, the crêperie joined the prestigious circle of the Collège Culinaire de France as a quality restaurant.

Our latest damage was my Le Terroir galette with sausages of Kervignac potatoes vegetables lettuce etc the works; crêpe of cassis ice cream , chantilly cream and caramel all wash down with a magnum of Cidre Brut Nicol!! My sons had different galettes and crépes including one just created yesterday by the owner chef Le Breizh Mille Feuilles !! All delicious!

The official Créperie Saint Sauveur

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the Créperie Saint Sauveur

There you go folks, another wonderful experience at the Créperie Saint Sauveur in Saint Goustan, Auray, You will do good to come here when in the area, they have grown in popularity thanks to its good local products, great making of the owners and their friendly open attention to all. Hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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