The Place des Lices of Vannes !!

I am hugely surprise not written a post on this wonderful square of my dear Vannes! I had mentioned it in some post briefly, but really it needs a post of its own. Therefore, new text and older pictures not yet in my blog, here is my bit on the Place des Lices of Vannes !!

vannes pl des Lices mar21

The Place des Lices is originally a former free space devoted to tournaments and other outdoor exercises that took place in the Middle Ages. The Lices, a term which was used to designate the field or the enclosed land surrounded by palisades, intended for these activities, recall this first use of the premises. This space was created in the 14C during the accession of Jean IV,(John) Duke of Brittany. The latter who wishes to make Vannes his administrative capital. Located at the foot of the first urban wall, this square is bordered to the east by the farmyard of the Hermine castle and various ducal buildings, coin workshop, kiln houses, tennis court, castle stables. It is surrounded by various constructions including the old Lices chapel, built around 1400-1425 with its cemetery. The area is bounded by half-timbered houses, and new ones were built in the 17C on the site of the old courtyard of the castle, which had become obsolete. The 19C alignments led to the demolition of the ducal chapel and the reworking of a number of old facades. At the same time, the square takes for vocation a market which is still held today every Wednesday and Saturday of the week. In 1912, the square was provided with a covered market for small producers, which in 2000 was replaced by a new covered market or halle (see post).

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The Place des Lices, formerly Place de la Réunion, is the main public square in downtown Vannes . It hosts a bi-weekly market and is surrounded by shops. It is an elongated and sloping space, with an irregular plan, extending into the historic center of Vannes. It communicates to the north with the Cathedral St Pierre (see post) by rue de la Monnaie and to the south with the port by rue Saint-Vincent and porte Saint-Vincent (see post). It is also in direct contact with the Place du Poids Public and with the ramparts. The square is about 200 meters long, with an average width of 25 meters.

vannes pl des lices upper aug18

In the 3-4C, Vannes acquired fortifications to defend itself against the Germanic tribes. These walls formed a triangle, one of the points of which was located at the level of the current Place des Lices. In 1380, the Duke of Brittany Jean IV had a new enclosure built and a new castle built. The castle parade ground, which remained unbuilt, became the Place des Lices. The square takes its name from the many tournaments that took place there in the Middle Ages. In 1381, before Duke Jean, five French knights defeated five English knights there. In 1418, Saint Vincent Ferrier, who came from Valencia, Spain, came to preach on the Place des Lices and died in Vannes the following year. A bi-weekly public market is held here on Wednesdays and Saturdays and there is a covered market or halle 700 m2. Among the buildings on the square that are of architectural or heritage interest are the Hôtel de Francheville 17C (see post), remarkable for its watchtower, and the house at No. 11, which has a tower with a staircase notice.

vannes pl des lices noel dec19

The City of Vannes on the Place des Lices :

There you go folks, feel better now, to show this gem of my capital city of Vannes. It is as said, a must to visit and you will be glad, the looks at it are awesome, full of wonderful architecture and history of this fine city. Hope you enjoy the post on the place des Lices and do visit it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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