The Place du Poids Public of Vannes !!!

I am hugely surprise not written a post on this wonderful square of my dear Vannes! I had mentioned it in some post briefly, but really it needs a post of its own. Therefore, new text and older pictures not yet in my blog, here is my bit on the Place du Poids Public of Vannes !!! I must say right off the bat , my favorite square! 


The Place du Poids Public or public weight square.It is the former place du Poids du Roi, The name of this traditionally commercial square is linked to the verification of the weights and measures of goods which was carried out there. It was part of the new developments during the expansion of the city to the south at the end of the 14C. The half-timbered houses in the square bear witness to the first urbanization in the 15-16C. I will cite as an example No. 13, 17 and 19. The beautiful corner hotel in white stone makes a strong mark on the premises with its watchtower and classical architecture. it was enlarged and modified in the 17C. Under the influence of the arrival of the Parliament of Brittany in Vannes in 1675, many houses in the square were remodeled, probably for rental purposes. In the 19C, embellishment work focused on the southern slope with the construction of new buildings on the site of the mill and adjoining dwellings. Along with that of the Lices, this square is the site of a famous market which is held every Wednesday and Saturday of the week.  

vannes place du poids public sep21

Some of its half-timbered houses have been preserved, the others having been rebuilt in the 17-18C and at the end of the 19C. The Hôtel de Francheville,(see post) built in the 17C, strongly marks the transition between this square and that of Les Lices with its corner watchtower on a snout. The Place du Poids Public was modified during the construction of the hotels on rue Saint-Vincent at the end of the 17C. At least two of them had a Parisian-style courtyard, accessible by the Place du Poids Public, one of whose entrances has been preserved. The alignment plan of 1841 proposed an orthogonalization of the square by creating, on the place du moulin des Lices, a front of houses parallel to the north side, and in its southern part, a street linking it to the place de la Poissonnerie (where fish market is see post). This project was only partially realized in its southern part. The Moulin des Lices mill was destroyed in 1886, and the houses that replaced it encircle its plot.

vannes pl du poids public nicolas store dec19

The City of Vannes on the Place du Poids Public

There you go folks, feel better now, to show this gem of my capital city of Vannes. It is as said, a must to visit and you will be glad, the looks at it are awesome, full of wonderful architecture and history of this fine city. Hope you enjoy the post on the place du Poids Public and do visit it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Vannes is also the gateway to the Gulf of Morbihan, with an almost Mediterranean feel to Brittany.

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