I bring you back to amazing Pleyben !!!

I have written posts on this town, and even surprise my collegues all Bretons with the information I gave them after my visit , Pleyben is a small town ,but loaded with architecture and history to take you a while. I lookup my vault and found some pictures not yet in my blog, and feel they should on this marvel of the Finistére dept 29 in my lovely Bretagne,  Let me tell you about the Parish Enclosure of Pleyben, and hope you enjoy as I.See my other two post on the parish enclosure.

I have written so much on the history and architecture of it, that will make the text brief just to show you new pictures in my blog. Actually, you know, I came here for the chocolates florentines (see post) but end up been amazed by the parish enclosure. This is their story as told by me on the Parish Enclosure of Pleyben , which brings together the Church of Saint-Germain, the monumental Calvary, the Ossuary and the Arc de Triomphe . This is one of the Seven wonders of Brittany, and you should see them all, this one is special been to it several times. Magical place! And I only give the basics, these is huge!

pleyben enclos Saint Germain l’Auxerrois back nov12

A typical enclosure is made up of 5 inseparable elements: the Church, the Calvary, the Ossuary, the Monumental Gate and the surrounding wall which closes everything and which gave its name to the parish enclosure. It is from the privilege granted by Henri II in 1548 to organize 4 annual provincial fairs and a local monthly that Pleyben will begin a significant economic development allowing it to erect a prestigious religious building. Brittany is living its golden age. In Pleyben, the inhabitants are rich and pious and show it by erecting this superb religious complex. Tanners and linen fabric manufacturers accumulated fortunes between the 16C and 17C, allowing them, in this very religious country, to build these treasures of granite and kersantite that amazed everyone. As for that of Pleyben, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and above all the most complete in Brittany. Its construction dates from the 16-17C.

pleyben ch st germain l auxerrois ceilings mar14

The Saint Germain l’Auxerrois Church was built on the site of an old sanctuary, between 1530 and 1690 as evidenced by numerous dates inscribed in different places. The large porch is done to fully understand the function of this porch, it is necessary to know that the choir of the church is the territory of the ecclesiastics while the nave, the porch and the tower are the responsibility of the council of parishioners. This is why the porch is embellished with a small stone bench on the side walls where the council stood for its meetings.

Pleyben enclos Saint Germain l’Auxerrois main door nov 12

pleyben enclos entrance door mar14

pleyben ch st germain l auxerrois to organ ceilings mar14

The Calvary built in 1555 and moved in 1738 is one of the three important calvaries of Finistère. Built in the shape of a tetrapyle with 4 entrances, it looks like a triumphal arch where you can admire around thirty scenes from the life of Christ, carved in Kersanton stone and staged on two levels.

pleyben fr church to calvaire and pleyben mar14

The Ossuary was built in 1560, resembles a house. It takes on the architectural style of Flamboyant Gothic with very beautiful twin bays. Today it is a museum which contains a very beautiful statue of the Virgin and the Child of the 16C having the particularity of being in a nursing position, the bare breast, which remains quite exceptional.

pleyben ch st germain l auxerrois tresors mar14

The Monumental Gate or Arch de Triomphe, dates from 1725 and it is the door that symbolically separates the world of the living from that of the dead. A monumental semi-circular arch embellished with a niche on each side which houses statues, surmounted by a stone cross.

The town of Pleyben on its heritage: https://www.mairiepleyben.fr/index.php/fr/decouvrir-bouger/histoire-et-patrimoine/patrimoine-naturel

The Finistére dept 29 tourist office on the parish enclosure of Pleybenhttps://www.toutcommenceenfinistere.com/article/les-enclos-paroissiaux-en-finistere-nord

The principal Calvaries of Brittany on Pleyben: http://www.7calvaires.fr/en/pleyben/

There you go folks , I feel better now to tell you all about the beautiful parish enclosure of Pleyben , a must to see, something wondeful in my lovely Bretagne. Hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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