My treasure watercolors of my belle France !!! Part 2

The Aquarelles or Watercolor is a water color on paper., so they tell me,,, In French, we distinguish watercolor, transparent, from gouache, of identical composition, but opaque. The binder that attaches the pigments to the support fibers is almost always gum arabic. Watercolor or gouache colors consist of pigments, a water-soluble binder and additives to aid in application and storage. Watercolors can only be exhibited in suitable conditions, low light and protected by glass. Which is how I keep them for many years already,

I have many so again , as the first one was well received here is more of my favorites out to show in my blog, Hope you enjoy this wonderful aquarelles or watercolors shots of wonderful monuments of my belle France as I.

The Luxembourg Garden Located on the edge of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter, was inspired by the Florentine garden Boboli was created on the initiative of Queen Marie de Medici in 1612. Covering an area of 25 hectares, the garden is divided into a French-style part and an English-style part. Between the two stretches a geometric forest and a large pool. There is also an orchard with varieties of old and forgotten apples, an apiary to learn about beekeeping, greenhouses with a collection of breathtaking orchids and a rose garden. The garden has 106 statues scattered across the park, The view shows the Panthéon as well.  webpage :

Paris jardin du luxembourg vue sur le panthéon

Ainhoa and its beautiful houses of the main street, Located between the Nive valley and the Navarre border, Ainhoa is classified among the most beautiful villages in France. This 12C bastide-street created to welcome pilgrims on the way to Saint-James of Compostella, combines the green of its hills with the white and red facades of its old houses. Webpage :

Ainhoa maisons basques dept 64

The Chaine des Puys is an alignment of 80 volcanoes that spans nearly 32 kms long and 4 kms wide. This natural site brings together all forms of volcanism and is a fascinating visual spectacle. Webpage :

Auvergne volcans la chaine des puys

This is Beynac et Cazenac, between the Dordogne river and the immense rocky promontory, there is no longer any doubt that you have arrived! Stone alleys, blond stone houses… for a total immersion in the time of the Middle Ages. Webpage :

Beynac et Cazenac dept 24

Béziers old town is packed with historical monuments you’ll love exploring. Whether it be the Canal du Midi itself, its bridges and locks or Béziers Cathedral, Allées Paul Riquet and Jardin des Poètes. Webpage :

Béziers dept 34

Located at the foot of the medieval quarter, the Marais de Bourges offer a space for relaxation  and discovery close to the historic center of Bourges. Thus, 135 hectares are  lovingly cultivated as family gardens by their owners and offer a  surprising nature walk in the heart of the city. In the Middle Ages, these marshy lands ensured the defense of the city and in the 17C,  the Jesuits bought the marshes and rented them to private individuals, who cultivated them. Market  gardening will last until the 19C. Webpage :

Bourges les marais

Between beach, dunes, wet meadows, reedbeds and ponds, this natural site offers a very varied walk and viewpoints not to be missed. The Bay of Wissant is a magnificent link between the famous Cap Gris-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez., webpage :

la baie de Wissant devant cap blanc nez dept 62

This natural Pont d’Arc is a geological curiosity which is one-of-its-kind in the world, it was created in the rock in the most natural way possible, by the passing Ardèche river. Located at the entrance of the Ardèche Gorges, it is 54 metres high, 60 metres wide, and at least 500,000 years old! Webpage :

Le pont d'Arc dept 07

The Loire river by Gennes, Between the banks of the Loire and the wooded hillside, the natural wealth associated with the historical heritage, make this village an essential tourist stopover. Hiking or cycling is the ideal way to discover the megaliths, the Gallo-Roman amphitheater, the Memorial des Cadets de Saumur but also the preserved biotopes of the Joreau pond. Webpage :

Loire river not far from Gennes

The Saint Emilion monuments testify to this rich spiritual, commercial and wine-growing life inside and outside the city. The steep alleys make it possible to discover a village spread out in the shape of an amphitheater on the southern slope of the limestone plateau; from it were extracted all the stones used in the construction of houses, ramparts, churches and monasteries over the centuries. The underground part of the village presents as many testimonies of the past as its built part, in particular the monolithic church. Webpage :

Saint Emilion

There you go folks, now I have another nice personal touch to my blog, again. These have been kept for many years do not even remember exactly but goes back to early 2004-06, and they are still in good condition. Hope you enjoy the aquarelles as I, and thanks for stopping by as always.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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