Curiosities of Landerneau !

This is going deep in Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne. Always looking for new spots in France we came to Landerneau! I found me some pictures not in my blog so therefore, here is a new post , text and older pictures new to my blog. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

A historical spot in Landerneau is the Auberge Notre-Dame de Rumengol inn , Built in Renaissance style in 1668, this house is a former inn on the pilgrimage route of Notre-Dame de Rumengol. The statue of Our Lady of Rumengol, in Kersanton stone, was once painted. The bottom of the niche, depicting a shell, is the most symbolic decorative element of the Renaissance. This private house located at 3 rue Saint-Thomas was once an inn on the way for pilgrims to one of the oldest pilgrimages in Brittany: the Grand Pardon to Notre-Dame de Tout Remède in Rumengol. It was called Notre-Dame de Rumengol house, of course because of its kersantite statue, once painted and adorned with 2 lanterns installed on the corner of the building. This statue represents the limit between the bishopric of Léon, to the north, and that of Cornouaille, to the south. The house is topped with a cornice with modillions and surmounted by a Louis XIII style skylight overlooking the Place Poul ar Stang square, a marvel of architecture indeed, worth the look.


The Pont de Rohan is an inhabited bridge crossing the Élorn river in the center of Landerneau. It is one of the oldest of the 19 bridges built in Europe. Built in 1510 at the bottom of the aber which served as a port, it has the additional originality of undergoing the tide and separating fresh water from brackish water. The 67 meters that make up a section of the rue du Pont connect the Quai de Léon to the north and the Quai de Cornouaille to the south. The bridge has five arches. A first arch connects the latter to a small island over a channel which serves as a weir and rises towards the bed of the river after drawing a bend. A dyke consolidates the north shore of this second islet and extends downstream until after an invisible erasure dam at high tide. From here three arches cross what is the main branch of the Elorn river downstream of another erasure dam.

Landerneau pont de rohan elorn river nov12

This first bridge was rebuilt in 1510 by Viscount Jean II de Rohan, Lord of Léon. The work originally included two shops, a mill and a prison, It was in the 17C that the bridge was decorated with small houses , In 1760, the toll was abolished. The burden of maintenance returning to the distant governor of the province, the bridge was deteriorating. In 1825, the mill, which took advantage of the current of the Elorn river, was destroyed by fire. It will be completely razed in 1897. During the Nazi occupation, the Wehrmacht doubled it as a wooden bridge. This was replaced in 1958 by a concrete bridge, which relieved the old Rohan bridge of road traffic to which it was absolutely unsuitable.


The town of Landerneau on its heritage/history

The local Landerneau-Daoulas tourist office on the Rohan bridge of Landerneau

There you go folks, another dandy combination of my lovely Bretagne. You will love it in Landerneau and the Notre Dame de Rumengol and Pont de Rohan are worth the detour indeed! Again , hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. It is a wonderful place !

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