The Brasserie Paul of Rouen !!!

In my nostalgic saga of my family visits to wonderful places to spent a day in my belle France, I take you this time to Rouen. Who has not heard of Rouen? The gorgeous city in the Seine-Maritime dept 76 of the region of Normandie. We have come here often many times, especially since living closer in Versailles. I have my wonderful memories I like to share and maybe they will become yours too. Hope you enjoy it as I,

This is an update of an older post, Initially we came here from Versailles by car , and once by train from Gare St Lazare in Paris, after getting there from the rive droite station in Versailles, You can do in a day, either way for lunch , and sightseeing, it is worth it, me think,. I like to tell you with a very personal picture about our wonderful memories of the Brasserie Paul of Rouen.

rouen brasserie Paul PF et MF pl cathedrale l oct08

It is located at Place de la Cathédrale ,right diagonally from the Cathedral,  much less ancient than the Cathedral, but just as historic, Brasserie Paul also offers a trip back in time, in the shadow of the memories of Marcel Duchamp who played chess or Simone de Beauvoir, a loyal customer and also Claude Monet, and Apollinaire. Founded in 1911, the oldest brewery in Rouen in activity. The restaurant has kept an old-fashioned charm with its comfortable banquettes, friendly fast service even at lunch with great food and ambiance. You can have croissants in the morning, or dinner out of the opera or cinema. Brasserie Paul offers traditional home-made cooking. The fresh and regional products value the Normandy terroir and Rouen craftsmen, such as the Osmont bakery and the Olivier cheese maker. The years pass but the myth continues!  We tried the house specialty ,apple and camembert turnover with a cider sauce on this occasion,  sublime worth coming back for it, and gladly we did !!. And of course, plenty of Norman cider with great views of the wonderful Cathedral of Rouen! You can’t ask for a better food or spot than this one.

The official Brasserie Paul of Rouen

The Rouen tourist office on the Brasserie Paul

My blog roll favorite reviews Yelp on the Brasserie Paul :

There you go folks, another dandy in culinary magical France. And of course, you have heard of the Norman hole? trou normande=  a gastronomic custom that consists of drinking a small glass of calvados between two dishes. It must facilitate digestion and restore appetite to guests ! Enjoy it like a true Norman! Be there at Brasserie Paul of Rouen!!

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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