My little Portivy !!

I like to bring you back to my beautiful Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne of my belle France. I continue my road warrior tour in off the beaten path towns of my Morbihan. This time the interesting coastal village of the wild coast, Portivy. This is again an update of an older post that I find nice to do; hope you enjoy it as I.

Coming right along on the Côte Sauvage or wild coast in the Quiberon peninsula , we entered the town of St Pierre de Quiberon and find ourselves in the picturesque fishing district of Portivy.  We passed by here all the time for the nice coastal road and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and really need to walk the village more, However, will do an introduction now and more eventually.

It is the only boat shelter on the wild coast of the Quiberon peninsula. Portivy, in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon, is a marina and a village spirit. Very close to the fort of Penthièvre, the port of Portivy dates from 1880. Built on an old causeway, it was for a long time useful to the fishing boats which came to deliver sardines , then plentiful, to the nearby factory. The factory is no more, the sardine boats landed in Port-Maria and Portivy, today, only houses promenade fishing, sailboats, the zodiacs of the neighboring diving center and kayaks are here.  A little away from the main tourist flows of the Quiberon peninsula, with its coasters stranded at low tide and its pleasant seafront terraces. Notice to surfers, south of Portivy, at the start of the Côte Sauvage, the pretty little coves of Port-Blanc and Port-Bara, can be worthy of Hawaii, when the weather is in the right direction (not recommended for beginner surfers).

Quiberon cote sauvage start aug12

However, the one thing to come to see in Portivy and I should be back is the Notre-Dame-de-Lotivy Chapel , 11C, built on the site of a former oratory dedicated to Dewi (David), Saint of Wales. It is the chapel of a former Priory (Lotivy) of Sainte-Croix-de-Quimperlé abandoned from the 17C. Duke Hoel  and his wife Havoise donated their estate to the Abbaye Sainte-Croix in Quimperlé in 1069. The chapel was looted and burned by the English in 1746. It was rebuilt by Françoise Sonic around 1840-1844 (read below). The stalls, placed in the choir around the altar, date from the 19C. There is an ex-voto replica of a three-masted boat le Pierre Déarné dating from the 19C. The ND de Portivy Chapel consists of a single nave ending in a semicircular chancel. An annex building is attached to the nave. Access to the chapel is via the south side of the nave.


On November 6, 1844, a humble and pious young girl, Marie-Françoise Sonic, who cared for her sick mother in Kerhostin (a district of St Pierre de Quiberon), decided one evening to go and say a prayer before a statue of the Virgin sheltered in an angle of the ruins of the old Chapel of Lotivy (district of Portivy). During her prayer she hears very distinctly a voice saying to her in Breton:  “my daughter, go and say to rebuild this Chapel in my name “. Very moved, returning to the village, she tells her adventure. At the same time, Abbé Pascal Le Toullec, a native of Quiberon, has, during a prayer, the haunting thought of rebuilding the Chapel of Lotivy. His project raises enthusiasm. He will take him to good since on September 8, 1845, the first pardon can be held in the reconstructed Chapel. The Chapel is dedicated to the Virgin but it preserves the small statue of St. Ivy. The Chapel is located on the route du Moulin in Portivy.

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on Saint Pierre de Quiberon/Portivy

There you go folks ,another gems in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56! You are better off with a car ,especially on Portivy but all worth it I can assure you. Hope you enjoy the tour of my little Portivy in the Quiberon peninsula.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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