Memories of Seraincourt !

The town of Seraincourt is located in the 95 department of Val-d’Oise in the Île-de-France region. It is located in the regional natural park of French Vexin. It borders the department of Yvelines (78) and close to the Seine valley, located 16 km from Pontoise, 40 km from Paris, and 71 km from Rouen. It is easily accessible from the former N14, current RD 14 which out of Paris is the A15 same road towards Rouen, Here we visited coming on the D43 Meulan en Yvelines to get from the A13 to the D14 road to Rouen,in my road warrior ways.

While passing we took the time to have some drinks and a break at the Le Relais du Vexin resto right at the intersection of the D43 and D205 roads, The reason of this memorable post with my Dad and dear late wife Martine in the picture,The Cergy-Pontoise tourist office on the Le Relais du Vexin

Seraincourt D43 et D205 le relais du vexin Pipo et MF Sept09

Some of the things to see here which living not far never had the inclination to visit sadly are:

Menhir of Gaillonnet, 3.16 meters high dating from the Neolithic period. The Saint-Sulpice Church of uncertain origin, and was served by Premonstratensian canons from 1175 to 1791. The City/Town hall, rue des Vallées (D 205): This Wood-clad pointed gable house was the jewelry pavilion at the 1937 Paris Exhibition. Dismantled and rebuilt, it was donated by Henri Blum, the mayor at the time. The 18C Château de Rueil, rebuilt by the Choppin de Seraincourt family in the 19C.  The Château de Seraincourt 3 rue du Château; 27 hectares of the Estate include an 18C castle overlooking a park, a pond and its fountain. The castle is the former home of Ninon de Lenclos and Pola Negri, silent film actress of the early 20C.Now it is a lodging and events for rent place.

The Golf de Seraincourt, Le Gaillonnet, Chemin de Dalibray, This is the best here I have been in it but not played and unfortunately no picture as when living in the area and no blog in those days pictures were scare, However, a super golf course with all facilities worth the detour for the fans. This explains it better ; The Val d’Oise dept 95 tourist office on the Golf at Seraincourt :

The town of Seraincourt and its heritage

There you go folks, another dandy spot in my road warrior world. Memories forever or as the saying goes to remember them is to live them again! Indeed. Hope you enjoy this small post on a nostalgic spot , Seraincourt!

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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