Some news from my lovely Bretagne !!! Part IV

Again, I decided to delete all the posts on « Some news from Bretagne » (XXX 30 of them) because realise most if not all the information I have in full posts and pictures elsewhere so this is repetetive, I like to thanks all those who have like or comment on these posts over the years since 2011, Not all will be lost as will update and condense those posts into several posts for the memories of always, This is the last post on this series. Hope you enjoy these new posts as I.

This is 2019 !!! The Festival Interceltique Lorient, a wonderful event indeed. Rendez-vous for the 49th edition from 2 to 11 August 2019 will be the year of Galicia (Spain)The world’s largest meeting of Celtic cultures: a festival of research, creation and encounters, open to the world. Since its creation 49 years ago, the Lorient Interceltic Festival has been promoting intercelticism: a common identity based on the diversity of cultures. Today, it has become one of the largest festivals in the world and every year a country concerned with Celtic culture is invited as a guest of honor. The Grand Pardon de Sainte-Anne d’Auray. The largest religious pilgrimage in Brittany, and one of the top 3 in all of France.  The story of Sainte-Anne d’Auray began in the 17C, with the apparitions of Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, and grandmother of Jesus, to Yves Nicolazic, the village’s pious ploughman . The Detour d’Art, something unique for all lover of history and architecture like me,do this.  Like an open-air museum, the Auray area has 1001 chapels, each one more beautiful than the next! For its 13th edition, Détour d’Art invites visitors to discover this exceptional religious heritage, at the crossroads of Breton art, history and legendsFrom July to mid-September, the chapels of the Auray area open their doors and exhibit their architectural masterpieces to the general public. Statues, sculptures, paintings: each religious monument contains treasures that bear witness to the religious fervour of Brittany and the know-how of its craftsmen. The La Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan ran this year from 5/27/2019 to 6/2/2019; ainternational maritime event, a cultural and popular celebration in the magical setting of the Morbihan Large gathering of traditional boats in the Gulf of Morbihan, every 2 years, on Ascension Day. “Gulf Week” is the major maritime event for crews of classic and traditional yachting. More than a thousand traditional and classic boats divided into coherent and identifiable fleets, which sail every day and vary their calls between ports and anchorages. Des peintres entre terre et mer – Du Faouët à Concarneau  or of painters between sea and land from Faouët to Concarneau. Up To 10/6/2019. The diversity of Brittany, a land of inspiration for many artists in the 19-20C, is still unknown to this day by many of us. Through this exhibition, you will discover the interest shown by some painters both inland and along the coast.

Planning ahead is important in the No 1 most visited country in the world (90 million 2018 shooting for 100M in 2019!) since 1949 by the UN-WTO world tourism organisation. And Brittany is the 3rd most visited region in France behind ïle de France and PACA! There are a lot of top 10 everywhere but these are the official governments figures from themselves. And I know as worked in the industry in the USA and France! The Brest International Martitime Festival. Every four years, some boats from all seas and oceans meet in Brest, for one of the major sailing events. It is the perfect opportunity to admire old and beautiful sailing boats, and even to board on some traditional yachts. It is the while to contemplate the maritime history in a festive and musical environment.  Among the special events in 2016 : the Hermione frigate, replica of La Fayette’s one, was there, along with Russian, Mexican, Dutch, English yachts. At Vannes  the Fête Historiques  July 13-14 2020 . Every July, for three days, Vannes brings its rich history to life. Take a stroll in the rampart gardens or the streets of the old town, visit the blacksmith’s forge or the coin-makers’ workshop, admire the falconry displays and the artillery demonstrations, or just enjoy a taste of medieval cuisine. And the magic doesn’t end there, for as night falls you can join in the local open-air dance, or bal populaire, and be amazed as the fire-eaters take to the streets. But it’s also a great time to visit Vannes. With around 272 listed buildings, this town hides a wealth of history behind its ancient castle walls!!

This is 2021 !!! The weather has been cold down to 1C or 34F some rain but no snow ,or worse as in other parts of the country. Right now we are cloudy and 11C (about 51F= with lows of 7C . And how about a nice historical walk in quant old historical Auray!  Implanted at the bottom of a ria since the Middle Ages, the city of Auray has evolved over the centuries. You will be invited to discover the architectural and historical evolution of the city through four emblematic places: the castle, the city/town hall, the Saint-Gildas Church and the small theater. Places of power, prayer and culture. A stroll through Auray from the Middle Ages to the 20C.  Meeting place at Place du République (front of city/town hall) at 14h30 . The Grand Loop!! or Tour de France. It brings smiles to the side of the road, dreams of being by all runners, stars in the eyes of fans , and not only that. It is all of Brittany, mythical and festive land of cycling, which for 4 days gets under its wheel and its light! Stage 1 – Brest-Landerneau (29) – The “postcard” stage Saturday June 26 – 187 km. Stage 2 – Perros-Guirec – Mûr de Bretagne Guerlédan (22) – Punch, again and again! Sunday June 27 – 182 km. Stage 3 – Lorient-Pontivy (56) – An imperial sprint Monday June 28 – 182 km. Stage 4 – Redon-Fougères (35) – Castle life Tuesday June 29 – 152 km. Will try to see the passing by Lorient or Pontivy. Unmissable monument of Pontivy, the Château de Rohan was built at the end of the 15C for the viscounts of Rohan. Immerse yourself in the heart of the Middle Ages thanks to numerous free activities open to all! On the program: Medieval camp – Armed combat – archery demonstrations – demonstrations of medieval craftsmanship – medieval games – tales and legends – medieval music. And my connection to the AmericasMuseum of the East India Company. From Lorient to Canton, relive the incredible maritime epic of the Companies of the Indies! Thanks to the museum’s rich collections, you will embark on a journey through the 18C, discovering the exotic and precious goods that seduced Europeans so much and continue to make us dream. Museum of the Compagnie des Indes, art and history museum of the City of Lorient, the Citadel – Port Louis. Always there wonderful! Les Fêtes Historiques  of Vannes.- July 13 and 14, 2021. Each year in July, Vannes proudly unrolls its past all along its streets. During the Historical Festivities, immerse yourself in a medieval atmosphere in the heart of a city full of character. In the Jardin des Remparts or in the alleys of the old town, visit the blacksmith and coin striker’s stalls, admire falconry shows and artillery demonstrations, taste medieval cuisine. The magic doesn’t end with nightfall, thanks to the fire-breathing shows and the popular ball. This great celebration is also an opportunity to visit Vannes Simply awesome every year!! The Festival Interceltique Lorient  from August 6 to 15, 2021.  Every summer, come to tread the Celtic lands of Lorient for its Interceltic Festival. From Galicia to Scotland, the cream of Celtic music can be found in Brittany and can be enjoyed with joy and good humor. It’s the same every year! ,since 1971, not a month of August has passed without this festival ending in a general bagad. Saint Gildas, the prophet of the Apocalypse. It was on his return from Rome, around the age of 30, that Saint Gildas would have settled in Armorica where, according to tradition, he would have founded the abbey of Rhuys and composed his famous “De excidio Britanniae”  or “On the ruin de la Bretagne ”.  Founder of the abbey of Rhuys, Gildas is also the author of a long sermon which recounts the last fires of a civilization damaged by barbarian invasions. A unique testimony to Breton history from the beginning of the Middle Ages.

This is from 2022 !!! The Keroguic gardens (Baud 56) are open until July 10, 2022. This year an exhibition of 15 paintings enhances the visit. The visit continues with the aquatic garden, which is reminiscent of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. The visit continues and leads to the superb rose garden. Composed of more than 500 roses of 120 different varieties, including climbers on several pleasantly arranged pergolas. The second space is dedicated to perennials and shrubs and the 3rd, to bamboos, to the very elegant purple elderberries from the Keroguic Gardens. The Grande Braderie de Rennes has not taken place for two years due to Covid-19. Good news, it’s making a big comeback on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. This exceptional sale is the second largest sale in France after Lille. With 60 streets involved and several kms of stalls, the garage sale part will take place all around from Place du Parlement square. As for antique dealers, they will unpack their items Place Honoré Commeurec, very close to the Halles Centrales. The Children’s Village of Carré Rennais, place du Parlement, will allow parents to have their children looked after for 1 hour in a guinguette atmosphere. Among the new features, you can enjoy the sports village, place de la Mairie, with entertainment offered by Stade Rennais F.C., Open Blot Rennes, Planète URB and REC Volley! On the program: workshops, goodies to win and battle of mascots. After two years of delay, we finally know the date of commissioning of line b of the metro in Rennes. The first trains will run from September 20, 2022. Enter the hemispherical room of the Planetarium, and immerse yourself in these billions of unknown worlds, of inconceivable distances and durations! 3D shows projected onto a 360° dome immerse you in the vastness of space. Throughout the year, the Planétarium de Bretagne  invites you to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions and the first steps on the Moon: film screenings, conferences, festive evenings or retrospectives, there is something for everyone. Come and take your first step at the Planetarium! the town of Pleumeur-Bodou, and more particularly a site near the Radôme, has been chosen to host the Planetarium. In June 1988, the Pleumeur-Bodou Planetarium was inaugurated. With its 20 meters in diameter, it was then the largest planetarium in France. At Kingoland,  the largest amusement park in Morbihan (56), roller coaster, pirate ship, logs on the water, haunted house, dynamic cinema, bumper cars, drop tower… located between Vannes and Pontivy, Kingoland is paradise families and groups of friends. have fun and fill up on sensations with more than 40 attractions and a show. Different thematic universes will titillate your imagination. On site: picnic area and snack.

There you go folks, a dandy memorable recollection of our ways in Bretagne / Brittany / Breizh of my belle France. All families memories which I share with the world; hope you can appreciate it. Thanks again for reading me over these years, it means a lot to me, my blog is my entertainment. Glad to share my travels too,and hope you enjoy the posts as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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