Some news from my lovely Bretagne !!! Part III

Again, I decided to delete all the posts on « Some news from Bretagne » (XXX 30 of them) because realise most if not all the information I have in full posts and pictures elsewhere so this is repetetive, I like to thanks all those who have like or comment on these posts over the years since 2011, Not all will be lost as will update and condense those posts into several posts for the memories of always, Hope you enjoy these new posts as I.

This is 2016 !!! The wonderful Musée des Beaux-Arts de Quimper (fine arts museum) you have a great exposition until October 2nd of “Autoportraits du Musée d’Orsay” . Many self portraits of the famous (Courbet, Carpeaux,Redon, Gauguin, Cézanne, and Van Gogh  from 1848 to 1914 on loan from the Orsay museum in Paris. At the Cité de la Voile-Eric Tabarly in Lorient there is a new space open name “Ton Corps Super Heros” until August 14 on a space of 450 m2; you see this interactive exposition to test your body around three themes , Measurements, Movements, and Mind . At the château Gaillard in Vannes, the musée d’Histoire et d’Archéologie, you have until November 2nd the Exposition “Vannes au moyen age”  or Vannes in the Middle Ages; how it was back then with objects from the period. In the Galerie du Cloître (gallery of the cloister) in Saint Anne d’Auray back of the Basilica of Sainte Anne d’Auray you have until November 2nd, “Empreintes du Sacré” or sacred footprints; with over 50 photos of writer-traveler Ferrante Ferranti showing here the passage of the Holy Cross on the body and soul. At the wonderful  Domaine de Kerguéhennec  in Bignan you have until November 6th the expo “Paysages Contemporains”. Celebrating the 30 years of sculptures in the park. In the area by Le Faouët in the Musée du Faouët at Le Faouêt you have the exposition “La Fête vue par les Peintres en Bretagne” until October 9th. In the 19C and 20C , Brittany had a resurgence of painters showing the region in its many faces including dances, religious pardons, music, breton wrestling, marriages, circus, and country fairs. The big one is coming from August 4 tot he 14 2016 at the 46th Festival Interceltique de Lorient. This year the invited country will be Australia.

This is 2017 !!! The weather was nice today about 56F enough for folks to come out and even walk on the beach, great fun for the surfers here! A good and tasted is The Galway Inn, 18 rue de Belgique in Lorient, folk, jazz, country blues and traditional music. Nice small Casino at Larmor Plage open every day from 10h at 24 bd de Port Maria. roulettes machines, table games, bar restaurant and good ambiance on the beach. The Festival of gastronomy and wines in Vannes. Salon des Vins et de la Gastronomie March 4-6 at the expo center Le Chorus in the Parc du Golfe.A great one !

This is 2018 !!! I started my day after our family continental breakfast with painting! yes we painted a room in our basement (our basement has 130 sq meters or 1400 sq feet) on materials already purchase with my dear late wife Martine. We were thinking of doing two rooms in the basement for guests and we have it all done, just the room partitions is left to do! The boys did a good job and were treated with their favorite young people food, Star kebad and a sparkler mousseux from the Loire Vignobles Marchais that was not too bad. From here we went into our neighbor Finistére in the fortified town of Concarneau that we have visited many times and several blog posts on it. This time we were there for something special. FIFA Under 20 Women World Cup is been held in several cities in Brittany and today the quarter finals was SPAIN vs Nigeria!!! The game was played at Stade Guy Piriou with heavy security. We are so closed we could not miss cheering the girls so Spain won 2×1 and has a historical semifinal appearance which turn out will be against France yikes !!!! We decided to come back and celebrate the win closer to us in one of favorite bar and many times mentioned in my blog, the V&B of Auray. This is a nice concept of bar and liquor store where the closing time is 20h (8pm). The folks at the Auray store are very nice and have come to know them. After this indulgent we came home to relax and wait for a Paris friend visiting us by tomorrow.

The Bay of Morlaix; from the Exotic Garden of the island of Batz to the parish enclosure of Guimiliau, passing by the impressive mausoleum of Stone of Barnenez… A very nice spot in my lovely Brittany up north in Finistére dept 29. Roscoff, the land-sea harmony at its best. The beating heart of this small port town is at its peak, between the old harbor and the cove of Laber. Facing the channel, the small city is warm as long as the door of the estaminets is pushed. The exotic and Botanical Garden of Roscoff brings together rare collections of plants, mainly from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile or Mexico. At Batz, ginger and impatience from Roscoff, at low tide, boarding for the island of Batz is at the end of the wharf, a long footbridge that ends with steps that plunge into the sea, ten minutes walk from the quay. The Georges-Delaselle garden, which holds many surprises. Thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream, it grows palm trees from Asia and Africa. From the top of the lighthouse, at 67 meters above sea level, the spectacle of the island entry is magnificent. Plouescat version of Seychelles island; to the west of Roscoff, the granite blocks of the beaches of Plouescat evoke the Seychelles. At the Roc’h ar Mor, a family restaurant a little gruff, we have lunch facing the sea at the end of the beach of Porsmeur. At Guimiliau,  What an ordeal! To reach the parish enclosures, it is necessary to drive due south from Roscoff, by the valley of the Penzé which leads quickly to Guimiliau. The Guimiliau enclosure is typical: A central Church, a monumental gate, a Calvary and a wall of enclosure that surrounds the whole. It is so perfect that it says everything about the village opulence of the 16C and 17C in this corner of Brittany.  You have to be wary of parish enclosures: They can cause an addiction. Not to miss the retable of Commana, the ossuary of Sizun or the beam of glory of Lampaul-Guimiliau . At Carentec, a fort and oysters from the beach of Kelenn, in Carantec, the boat that leads to the château du Taureau at brisk pace. Planted in the middle of the bay of which it kept the entrance, this 16C fort, enlarged by Vauban in the 17C, became the star of local tourism. The Parthénon de Barnenez  ;Like a stone giant, the great cairn of Barnenez seems to sleep on the right bank of the Bay of Morlaix, facing the sea. This huge mausoleum, 75 meters long and 28 meters wide, conceals eleven burial chambers divided into two enclosed parts but of different ages. Difficult to date precisely, probably between 4 500 and 3 900 years BC some slabs are adorned with decorations whose symbolic value is not entirely clear: a triangle axe blade for strength, a shining hair idol that would be the evocation of a goddess of fertility and death, or a U for the horned beasts and the zigzags that evoke the water. The beauties of Morlaix sunk in a valley, dominated by an omnipresent viaduc, the city of Morlaix is a cul-de-sac. The Saturday morning market, place des hostages, in front of the city/town hall, the discovery of the house in Pondalezau 9, Grand’rue typical of these 16C wood-framed buildings,  and the promenade under the viaduc arches are the keys to a first approach. From the middle part of this two-story art work, accessible on foot, the landscape opens to the north, where the river runs towards the bay. On the upper floor, the trains come and go from Paris-Montparnasse.

There you go folks, a dandy memorable recollection of our ways in Bretagne / Brittany / Breizh of my belle France. All families memories which I share with the world; hope you can appreciate it. Thanks again for reading me over these years, it means a lot to me, my blog is my entertainment. Glad to share my travels too,and hope you enjoy the posts as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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