The road warrior passed by Landujan !!

This happen again, me on my road warrior tours of my belle Bretagne and finding new places that are nice enough to be in my blog, me think, This is the case of my latest escapes when on my way to a domaine, passed by Landujan, a small town of 936 inhabitants with a nice church, Here is my testimony to this nice new find, hoping you enjoy it as I

Landujan is located in the department 35 of Ille-et-Vilaine, in my lovely region of Bretagne. The origin of the name Landujan comes from Breton ; it would mean in Breton parish of Tujean or Tudin. Passing the Church Saint Tudin was very nice indeed, short and nice post !

Landujan ch Saint Tudin front belltower oct22

Landujan ch Saint Tudin belltower and tour oct22

Landujan ch Saint Tudin altar oct22

The Church Saint Tudin from the 16C to 19C done in the Latin cross style,and renovated in 1892, On each side of the chevet are the statues of Saint Tudin and Saint Malo , the patronage of the church. The church is part of the parish of Saint Eloi du Garun of the deanery of Brocéliande in the diocese of Rennes. Its porch houses a pointed arch door from the old church. It has a beautiful openwork bell tower. Inside, see a tombstone with the arms of Botherel, lords of Plessis-Botherel and Bois Hermés Tirecoq.

Landujan ch Saint Tudin nave to altar oct22

Landujan ch saint Tudin chapel St Tudin right oct22

Landujan ch Saint Tudin chapel Ste Therese left oct22

Behind the church, if time see the Saint-Tudin fountain, built in 1913 , a place of pilgrimage for the faithful, would have the virtue of treating eye ailments.Dedicated to the patron saint of Landujan Saint Tudin, also know as Saint Tugdual invoked for the cure of vision problems.

The town of Landujan on its heritage:

The town of Landujan on the church:

The local Brocéliande tourist office on the church :

There you go folks, another nice wonder of my lovely Bretagne, always more always will be more, This was a nice find as the Church Saint Tudin is rather nice, especially inside, Glad to have stop by, Looking forward to have it enjoy it with my readers,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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