The CAC of Valencia !

This is supposed to be the biggest attraction in Valencia, the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias or the arts and sciences city (CAC) actually just outside city center ;not really big on huge complex trying to be all in one , we skip it, just passing by it. However, it is here for content, and the memories of one day eventually stopping by. Hope you get the idea and enjoy the post as I.

The City of Arts and Sciences, or Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias or CAC, whose project was born in the early 90s, has become the star destination for visitors to Valencia. This spectacular, totally futuristic architectural space, surrounded by landscaped gardens and bodies of water, covers nearly 2 km of the eastern end of the Jardin du Turia (former bed of the Turia river) The CAC is a huge cultural complex which is now articulated around six large constructions, an IMAX cinema, a science museum, a promenade on a hanging garden, an aquarium, an opera and an agora. The first being the Hemisferic in 1998 in the shape of a large eye, houses an IMAX 3D cinema, exhibition and conference rooms, The Museo de las Ciencias (2000) ,an interactive Museum of Science and Technology, Umbracle (2001 ) a large shaded hanging garden covering the car park of the CAC, Oceanográfic (2003) the largest aquarium in Europe , The Sofía Palace of Arts (2005) Opera, concerts, ballets, experimental theater, conferences and the last, the Agora, which was inaugurated in 2009, a covered space with 5,550 seats designed to host major events such as the Valencia Open 500.


The official CAC

Also in the same sector, between the Science Museum and the Oceanographic Park of Valencia, the Pont de l’Assut d’Or, in the shape of a large sail whose mast is 150 meters high. All this by Autopista del Saler 1 , which you can go on foot by the Jardin del Turia, or in EMT bus lines 15, 35 ,and 95 or in taxi.

The Valencia tourist office on CAC

Not too far but in the arts we passed the Puente de las Artes or Pont de les Arts was built in 1990 and was completed in 1998 by the British Sir Norman Foster. It has a spectacular central support representing a chandelier that supports the upper lamps. It is a functional and modern bridge with a careful and elegant design. To the north of the bridge we can find the Parc de Marxalenes, and to the south the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) and Beneficencia, a well-known charitable institution in the city. The continuation of the bridge on this south side takes us to Calle Na Jordana street, where one of the most important fallas in the city is planted. Also under the bridge is the Canine park of the Turia river or Parc caní del riu Túria. It is a closed space where dogs can run or do a canine circuit.


The Valencia tourist office on the Jardin del Turia garden

We saw all the above on our way out of Valencia coming from the beach of Malvarosa along Calle de Pavia all along the beaches ,port marina of Valencia to the traffic circle of calle de les Moreres and into the Carrer de Eduardo Primo Yufera all the way passing the Puente de las Artes and just passed it connect with the V30 for a short while to connect with exit 352 of the A3 back home in Las Majadas, province of Cuenca!

The Comunitat Valencia or Valencia region on the city of Valencia

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior trip to pretty Valencia by car in and out, and lots of walks in city center and the beaches;see my several posts on Valencia in my blog. Hope you enjoy this short post and give you ideas to visit.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Una joya de nuestro Santiago Calatrava, la Ciutad de les arte i les ciènces

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