The Church Sainte Julitte of Rumengol !

And on our way back home, passed by a new town my oldest son saw a panel and never been there oh well let’s stop by for this road warrior was easy. To our surprise it is a nice small country town , practically a village but with a very nice church. Let me tell you a bit more on the Church Sainte Julitte, the town of Rumengol and the new town of Evellys ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The town of Remungol is a delegated town of the new town of Évellys.It is located in my beautiful Morbihan department 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne, It was created on January 1, 2016 by the merger of the three towns of Moustoir-Remungol, Naizin and Remungol. Its capital is set at Naizin. The new name of Évellys takes its name from two rivers running through the area ,the Evel and the Illys. It is about 8 km from Locminé, 29 km from Pontivy, 36 km from Vannes and 23 km from my house. Located on the road from Locminé to Pluméliau, the former town of Remungol is bounded to the north by Moustoir, to the west by Pluméliau, to the south by Guénin and Plumelin, to the east by Moréac and Naizin. In the 6C, the Bretons settled there and imposed on almost all the villages names taken from their language, such as Kergrois, Kergonan, Kerbelec, Cosquéric, Kergal, Kerascoet, etc… Their descendants still speak Breton. Remungol was erected into a parish quite early and even saw the small parish of Moustoir annexed. Remungol as such is mentioned from the 13C.

The Sainte-Julitte Church is from the 16C and restored in the 18C, the present church is of Latin Cross style with cut sides at the bedside and at the arms, and a square tower at the bottom of the nave. The square and massive tower of the bell tower gives it an austere air. But the interior is very nice ; the choir is highly decorated, the stained glass windows are Art Deco style, and the baptistery remains very original. A double statue evokes the patron saint of the church, draped in a dress with majestic folds, Sainte Juliette protecting her child, and the future Saint Cyr.

Rumengol ch Sainte Julitte altar oct22

Rumengol ch Sainte Julitte back inside oct22

Rumengol ch Sainte Julitte baptismal font chapel oct22

The Sainte Julitte Church has a nave, a transept and a canted chancel. The bell tower, which rises to the north of the nave, seems to date back to the end of the 16C: it is a square tower, massive and bare, cushioned by a slate spire. The baptistery dates from 1605. The highly decorated choir and the altarpiece date from the 18C. The carved wooden altarpiece dates from the 18C: the central part represents the crowning of thorns represent the coronation of Christ ,and on each side niches are occupied by the statues of Saint Blaise and Saint Peter with Saint Nicolas above them, The side altars are now dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Blessed Virgin.The more recent baptistery and stained-glass windows in the Art Deco style bring an original heterogeneous aesthetic to the whole.

Rumengol ch Sainte Julitte chapel left entr oct22

Rumengol ch Sainte Julitte chapel side right oct22

Rumengol ch Sainte Julitte back oct22

The Sainte-Julitte fountain dates from the 16C. Its basin is dominated by an arcade. Two columns serving as a pedestal for the statuettes of the Virgin and Saint John support the whole device while in the center stands a plaster statuette of Sainte Julitte and Saint Cyr.

Rumengol fountain Sainte Julitte by church oct22

The Calvary of Remungol is a 17C cross ,The cross was once erected in front of the western facade of the church. It was moved to the site of the old cemetery which was then adjoining the church where it faces the Sainte-Julitte fountain.

Rumengol calvary by church oct22

The former town of Remungol on its heritage

The new town of Evellys

The local Centre Morbihan tourist office on the Sainte Julitte Church of Rumengol:

There you go folks,there is my new find Rumengol or as now call Evellys. This is a small town/village with a nice Church Sainte Julitte, worth the detour. Hope you enjoy this post on the new town of Evellys as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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