The plage de Kermahé of St Pierre de Quiberon !!

Now let’s swing you back to my fav peninsula, that is Quiberon, There are two emblematic towns here and I have posted on Quiberon many posts already, I have been hard on the other town with just one mention of one beach,and fort, However, there are nice things to see in Saint Pierre de Quiberon, only 36 km from my house!

Of course, Saint Pierre de Quiberon is in my beautiful department 56 of Morbihan in my lovely region of Bretagne. This town I passed several times and is part of the wonderful Presqu’ïle de Quiberon peninsula,and only 40 minutes from my house. Let me tell you a bit more on Saint Pierre de Quiberon, and the plage de Kermahé beach.

The village of Kermah belonging to Saint Pierre de Quiberon is located on the bay side, between the villages of Port d’Orange and Kerbourgnec. Just south of Port d’Orange is the plage de Kermahé Beach. A find and very nice indeed ! Very near the church ! I just saw trees coming out from a street lateral to the Church St Pierre (see post) and my curiosity took me there, well this is a new find and a nice beach, again!

St Pierre Quiberon plage de kermahé left oct22

The plage de Kermahé beach is located south of the Port of Orange and north of Kerbougnec Beach. Small compared to the neighboring beaches at about 200 meters long, it remains pleasant by its isolation , as we found it by yours truly road warrior eye near the church as it is one of the least known beaches in the area, and by the facilities it offers: pétanque courts, volleyball and basketball. Also free parking at rue Marthe Delpirou. Two ramps are available to access the beach. You can directly access the beach by the southern quay of the Port of Orange.

St Pierre Quiberon plage de kermahé right oct22

Saint-Pierre-Quiberon and the Côte Sauvage (see post) are famous enough to attract many tourists. The population increases tenfold during the two months of summer holidays. The many fine white sand beaches are also major assets. The town provides the latter with three campsites: Penthièvre , which is the largest campsite in Morbihan, Kerhostin and Le Rohu, a dozen hotels, not counting the seasonal rentals managed by the real estate agencies in the area. Love it !!

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the plage de Kermahé beach

There you go folks, we live in heavens in land and so close to the marvelous Breton coast filled with wonderful things to see and do ! Hope you enjoy the post on the new find, the Plage de Kermahé as I

And , remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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