The Church Saint Pierre of St Pierre de Quiberon !!

Now let’s swing you back to my fav peninsula, that is Quiberon, There are two emblematic towns here and I have posted on Quiberon many posts already, I have been hard on the other town with just one mention of one beach,and fort, However, there are nice things to see in Saint Pierre de Quiberon

Of course, Saint Pierre de Quiberon is in my beautiful department 56 of Morbihan in my lovely region of Bretagne. This town I passed several times and is part of the wonderful Presqu’ïle de Quiberon peninsula,and only 40 minutes from my house. Let me tell you a bit more on Saint Pierre de Quiberon, and the Church Saint Pierre.

St Pierre Quiberon ch St Pierre front belltower oct22

The town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon is a dismemberment in 1653 of the parish of Quiberon which is, itself, a dismemberment of the old primitive parish of Plouharnel. St. Peter’s Parish Church; an old church was burned by the English in 1746 and replaced by a second church, enlarged in the 19C; the present church was built in 1935-1936; only the sacristy of the previous church has been preserved,

St Pierre Quiberon ch St Pierre belltower right side oct22

In the enlargement of the 19C, the nave was lengthened and two side chapels were added. Of the old church, only the sacristy (17C) remains, on which rests an altar surmounted by a high wooden cross with a crucifix. This wooden cross replaces a granite cross that  disappeared during the French revolution.  The statue of the Virgin and Child, in polychrome wood, dates from the 18C.  There is an ex-voto ,a vessel, three-masted square, procession from the 19C.

St Pierre Quiberon ch St Pierre front oct22

Since the 12C, of which only the sacristy remains, the Church Saint-Pierre has been the result of several alterations: in July 1937, a neo-Romanesque building replaced that of the 17C, already modified in the 19C because it was become too small to welcome tourists who come to visit the Quiberon peninsula. Inside, the windows of the choir represent Saint Peter with on his right Saint Patern and Saint Gildas, and on his left Saint Meriadec and Saint Cado.

St Pierre Quiberon ch St Pierre back oct22

Again not much online about the church but will give you reference webpages to help you plan your visit here which is worth it, me think.

The town of Saint Pierre de Quiberon on its history :

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Saint Pierre de Quiberon :

There you go folks, we live in heavens in land and so close to the marvelous Breton coast filled with wonderful things to see and do ! Hope you enjoy the post on the Church of Saint Pierre de Quiberon as I

And , remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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