Disney park at Disneyland Paris !!!

And indeed my boys convince me to be back. After so many trips to Walt Disney and Disneyland Paris, we were back. It was a special trip as the boys wanted to celebrate their dear late mother Martine birthday on the 26th , We were back along with my Dad on wheelchair and our dog Rex !!! This time we stayed in a different place, (see post) and it was magical indeed ! As the their schedule goes we went first to Disney Studios and then to the Disney Park, Let me start with finish the tour with the Disney Park, and hope you enjoy it as we !!

We have gone so too many rides, and just went along with my boys, and they went to several of them. I just follow up with Dad on wheelchair and took the sights outside. Anyway, always nice to see these Disney marvels. The impressive entrance is always nice. We were to parked at the handicap section closer to the entrance and from there walk/wheel straight to Main street USA!

We ,then move about the different themes of Disney Park such as

Fantasyland, see the castle of Sleeping Beauty or the Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant at the entrance to the rides. They went to  Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.

Disneyland paris disney park cinderella castle entr sep22

Frontierland, we saw the  Big Thunder Mountain and then took a leisure ride on the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing on the Molly Brown. And the boys went on into the Phantom Manor. They, also, did the Hyper Space Mountain ride ! 

Disneyland paris disney park big thunder moutain railroad roller coaster ride sep22

Disneyland paris disney park molly brown steamboat entr sep22

Disneyland paris disney park molly brown steam boat back sep22

Disneyland paris disney park frontierland haunted house front sep22

Disneyland paris disney park frontierland haunted house side sep22

Disneyland paris disney park hyper space mountain roller coaster ride sep22

Discoveryland, we went for a rest and a nice movie in Videopolis,it was a train station taken by travelers and became the discovery of all sorts. The Videopolis Theatre host great spectacles from the four corners of the world. By here they went on into the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and Star Tours.

Disneyland paris disney park videopolis entrance sep22

Disneyland paris disney park star traders ride sep22

Adventureland , we came back to a familiar one as the Pirates of the Caribbean, another favorite ride we love always!  And of course the Indiana Jones and the Temple du Péril.




Disneyland paris disney park indiana jones and temple of peril entr sep22

Disneyland paris disney park indiana jones temple of peril ride sep22

The official Disneyland Parkhttps://www.disneylandparis.com/en-int/destinations/disneyland-park/

There you go folks, again lots of memories of my dear mom Gladys and my dear wife Martine , two dear women missing but always with us in spirit. We were there with my Dad in wheelchair and our loving dog Rex. And of course, we will be back ,eventually.  Hope you enjoy this post on the Disney Park of Disneyland Paris as I.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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