The Galerie des Grands Hommes of Bordeaux !

As said, we like Bordeaux and have come often although not lately. We always go there by car and find easy parking; once not knowing the building we found parking at the Galerie des Grands Hommes of Bordeaux. Wonderful and central, not realising , however, that it is a nice mall or commercial center. As changes are coming, let me bring this out here with a new old found pic from a paper pic in my vault. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

First thing first, you get to it from Paris, via Pont François Mitterrand or Toulouse-Bayonne: Exit 21, follow “Bordeaux Centre”, then the quays (river). Pass the Place de la Bourse, then take the 1st traffic light on the left towards “Parking Les Grands Hommes”. Follow the directions for “Parking Les Grands Hommes”, and you will be there nice and easy.

The shopping arcade of the emblematic Grands Hommes shopping center, in the heart of Bordeaux’s Golden Triangle, has just come under the control of the property company Selectirente. It is bounded by the cours de l’Intendance, Clémenceau and les allées de Tourny, the Grands Hommes shopping center, which gives pride of place to large bay windows and an elegant facade, comprises a ground floor, a first floor, and a level minus one, not to mention a large underground car park. This elegant building, located on the round square Place des Grands Hommes, was opened in 1991, replacing the previous reinforced concrete covered market, which was completely demolished. This new Grands Hommes shopping center was inaugurated in 1992 by one of the most eminent women on the planet: Queen Elizabeth II, disembarked to the applause of the Bordeaux crowd from her royal yacht Britannia, anchored with all her crew of the Royal Navy near Place de la Bourse. Royal visit as evidenced by a plaque screwed to level minus one of the shopping center of 3,000 m2.

Bordeaux galerie des grands hommes entr

After deliberation of many ,it’s not going to be a hotel, nor offices, but one of the most stylish nightclubs in Europe. At the entrance, on the first floor, Bordeaux residents will fall directly opposite the nightclub. Since the establishment is in a circle, the counter will go all the way around the walls. To help yourself to a drink, you no longer have to cross the entire dance floor. The musical program will be very varied.  On the ground floor, a 100m² swimming pool will occupy the center of the room. To be able to believe you are at the beach for an evening, a bar and an indoor terrace in the style of a guinguette will run along the swimming pool. Deckchairs will also be made available for those who want to relax with the music The roof of the Gallery will be demolished to make a giant circular terrace offering a breathtaking view of the city of Bordeaux. In the center there will be a huge cocktail bar with more than 30 different proposals. All beverages will be one-of-a-kind compositions with international products. And for those who are a bit peckish, it will be possible to taste delicious tapas. The gallery car parks will be kept so that people coming from afar can park.

Oh well, at least they are keeping the parking, hopefully parking still will be available even with this new establishment or sadly will make it only for patrons. Time will tell and will look forward to be back, eventually.

The official Galerie des Grands Hommes as of today

The Bordeaux tourist office on the neighborhood

The Gironde dept 33 tourist office on Bordeaux

There you go folks,another dandy emblematic spot in pretty Bordeaux. The location of the Galerie des Grands Hommes was perfect, hope it will continue. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels , good health and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I’ve been there on my last few trips to Bordeaux, the contrast of styles with the classic Bordeaux around it goes down well. I found the place a bit neglected, we’ll see what the new layout will provide.

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