The Château de Malle in Sauternes !

I need to write a post on this. If you notice , I seldom write about an individual property in wine world. However, this one merits a post of its own for the goodness of its wines, and the wonderful history/architecture of it, and the family. I came here many years ago, and found me some pictures to share. Needless, to tell you, we drink their wines, sublimes! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Oh yes will be writing telling you about the Château de Malle is located in Preignac in Gironde dept 33, is a wine-growing estate in the AOC Sauternes region, classified as a second grand cru in the official Bordeaux wine classification of 1855. Château de Malle is a 17C residence. The entrance is through a gate and the main courtyard, decorated with pilasters is surrounded by the house and the two wings in return terminated by towers. Its Italian-style garden , is formed by terraces adorned with ponds, with statues and nymphaeums. Let’s move on shal we….


The Château de Malle was built in the 17C by Jacques de Malle, President of the Parliament of Bordeaux, it quickly imposed and inspired respect thanks to this admirable setting. You can stroll through its 6 ha of Florentine-inspired terraced gardens with delicate statues. Have fun recognizing Cupid here, Venus there and her lover Adonis. Bacchus is not far either, as evidenced by these sculptures inspired by the work of the vine and wine, or even the effects of drunkenness… To the east of the first terrace, well-known characters from the commedia dell’ arte, Pantalon, Scaramouche or Arlequin, invite you to a small Italian-style theater built of freestone. It has been inhabited by the same family since its construction in the 17C, the Jacques de Malle. It was largely embellished by the Count of Lur-Saluces who entered the family by marrying Jeanne de Malle in 1702.

Preignac chateau de Malle front

The whole of Château de Malle is 50 hectares,of one owner with vines and forest. It is located on three villages ,Preignac (main), Fargues and Toulenne, and is situated on two prestigious AOCs: Sauternes and Graves. The estate’s production is essentially dedicated to Sauternes. However Malle also vinifies a dry white wine called M de Malle made from Sémillon and Sauvignon. It also produces a red wine with a grave appellation called Château Cardaillan. The vineyard, in one piece over three towns, straddles the Sauternes and Graves appellations. The Sauternes part, spread over the towns of Preignac and Fargues Second cru classified in 1855, It later purchase the Château Pessan in red wines .

Preignac chateau de Malle grand salon

The gardens extend over 6 hectares on the model of Florentine parks. If Versailles and the royal gardens were undoubtedly a source of inspiration, the Italian influence was preponderant. built between 1717 and 1724. The exact arrangement of the parterres, statues and vases has come down to us thanks to the 18C plan kept at the castle. This survey indicates the presence of an orchard, a vegetable garden and a labyrinth, which have now disappeared. The silhouettes dating from the 17C in cut wood, painted in “trompe-l’oeil” present in the hall of the Castle certainly served as motionless figurations for the comedy scenes played in the pretty theater in the past. A small staircase to the right of the theater leads to the second terrace where the four elements are represented: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. At the end of the wings of the building spring two round towers topped with imperial slate domes. One of the two houses the chapel and paintings retracing the life of the Virgin.

The official Château de Malle

There you go folks, a wonderful property, full of family history, great architecture, gardens and super wines! This is the Château de Malle, en vino veritas! Enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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